Saturday, March 6, 2021

Coming 2 America

 Now you know I had to blog about this movie. The 1988 original is one of my favorite quotable films! From Randy Watson’s “sexy chocolate” to the barber shop men, “Sweets!” “Don’t be hollering at me, hell, I thought it was the trash” to random men and small roles, “Oh my goodness! It is you” “I want to tear you apart, and your friend to zzz a o” to larger than life roles, “Somebodies been messing around!” To singing “She’s your queen to be” “To be loved, to be loved...oh ho...what a feeling to be loved!” 

That is my movie!! So naturally I was on the side of excitement when the announcement came for the sequel a full 33 years later! I’ve been watching every interview, stalking every Instagram associated with the film in the hopes of catching glimpses of behind the scenes action, along with The Who’s who of the film! 

Let’s face it: Eddie Murphy is a BIG name. He’s a movie star. He was big then, and I most definitely want to say larger now. Coming to America, if memory serves me, is his first time acting in one film with various roles! I still didn’t know he was the old Jewish man in the barbershop or even believe it until I was in my late teens. 

I digress: 

Coming 2 America, for me, gave me all the feels! Nostalgia at its finest. I absolutely loved seeing all the original players from the film. They had aged and, maybe it was this Covid reality coming to grips on me; but I was just full of pride and joy to see them! It really wouldn’t have mattered what they said. Rev. Brown, I was glad to see him! I could tell there was an air of wokeness throughout the film as they called out Rev. Brown (don’t want to give away the entire movie-I’ll replace this with the facts after about a month) LBGT, and included elements of women’s rights. 

There were corny jokes, just like the first. You either take life too seriously or you enjoyed the movie. There were silly moments and scenes just like the original...those moments and scenes will either be imitated for years to come or they’ll be forgotten and you’ll stick with the original memorable scenes. Was it rushed? Naaaaaaah. Not anymore than the original. 

Were the costumes bad? Yep! They were Micheal Jackson Bad and outstanding! Imagery outstanding! My favorite scenes may have absolutely been the flashback scenes. Kudos to the special effects and digital imagery team! 

With the thriving cast members, wardrobe, soundtrack, digital work, and locations alone this movie- not for nothing- was a great inclusion for 2021! Just what the proverbial doctor ordered and precisely the comedy relief I needed during this pandemic! So, thank you to the cast and crew. 

To those critics that didn’t like it and want to tear it apart, “Get. Get out of here. Go on. Move!”