Sunday, June 25, 2017

Married...With Food: Khrystian-Meal One

I recently had an event by which friends and I were standing around talking.  The discussion was simple: how's life, how have things been going, etc.  We discussed new relationships, married life, new babies, lack of, etc. 
Cooking and eating, while married, career-life discussions came up.  I made the statement that I cook everyday.  Mind you I had been considered stay-at-home for the past three months, so being able to cook every day was plausible.  However, my schedule also allows for some flexibility and capabilities to make this seemingly impossible feat possible.  It's not a daunting task to me.  NO! I don't enjoy cooking that much.  I'd rather be laying on a beach having a nice island boy serving me food on a platter while my husband and I enjoy the sounds of the ocean's waves splashing and hearing the laughter and seeing the smile of my beautiful baby doll. 
What I do enjoy on the other hand is my home smelling of a nice home-cooked meal in the evening.  I also enjoy my husband enjoying the food I've prepared for him and I. 
Mind you- the meals aren't always extravagant.  They are Khrystian-made simple dishes that allow me to move about the house and do other tasks that may be needed i.e polishing my nails, playing with my baby, blogging, watching episodes of Housewives, Power, The Cosby Show, or whatever else I can catch up on. 
My friends looked taken aback as I expressed to them that I'm able to cook daily.  I further explained that cooking daily didn't mean I stand over a hot stove after working an 8 to 12 hour day, but it does mean I have "something" prepared- hot and ready to eat in the evenings before bed. This could also mean hot dogs, tuna fish sandwiches, or the beloved taco.  I'm not going to devote an entire blog to cooking for the married woman, but I will begin to share a few easy peasy recipes for delicious meals you can whip up.  Feel free to share as well because I was, not too long ago, a single-girl without a care or concern for anyone else's well-being as it relates to eating a well-balanced meal.  LOL just kidding

Khrystian-Meal One
Okra, tomatoes, sausage, rice (not shown), and a rotisserie chicken.

Easy, simple, delicious. We have left overs. Pick up the chicken from your local and fresh.  I made everything else at home.  I'll have to devout an entire post to Rotisserie chicken because you can make several meals with that bad boy.  Pair it with optional side-dishes and create a meal as healthy or a hearty as you'd like.   The sausage in the okra and tomatoes make that a meal all in itself, but I'm a fan of sausage with mine either way. 
Helpful Tid-bits:
1. Cook sausage separately before adding to the tomatoes.
2. Try stewed and diced tomatoes.
3. If you're not a fan, or don't know how, to season...get pre-seasoned items.  Like garlic sausage, Rotel tomatoes, etc.
4. Cook okra separately before adding to the mixture to get rid of the okra slime. 
5. Place chicken in a baking pan and place in the oven while preparing the sides.
6. Chicken in oven, rice on boil, sausage in pan, drain, add tomatoes, "stir fry" okra then add all, medium heat, bring to a boil, place on low, turn off rice, take out chicken, cut, mix, and eat.
Happy cooking and prepping!