Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Everlasting DIVA

My world has been turned upside down and although I'm not naive to death and the fact that we must ALL go that still hurts when you feel like a life is snatched from you! Seemingly unexpected and sudden.
I LOVE my Ganny to Life but that love wasn't and isn't greater than God's love and what He has for her! He has a place for her amongst God's choir praising His majesty. She's continuing to walk triumphantly, flamboyantly, fiercely, and above all boldly for Christ!
I lost my first-ever friend today! She was my friend in every way imaginable. A confidante, sounding board, my comic relief, a spades and darts competitor, the glue that held us all together no matter the time or distance, my GRAND mother whom I could call on when my mom (and dad) couldn't be reached for advice, recipes, remedies, or solutions and even when I felt they were the problem. A friend. MY first friend.
Ganny, I LOVE you, I CELEBRATE you, I CHERISH you and I carry apart of you that models God's glory everywhere I go. The original DIVA! A LADY in every sense of the word. You've taken your final walk on this side... your final fashion show on this side...but your story doesn't end here
~Your Miss Khrysti

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Excuse Me...Do You Work Here?

I happen to work with an Idiot in the highest form of the word. The name will be used as Idiot so as to protect the Idiot.
I just don't understand how you can come to work and think that you won't actually complete any WORK!!!!
You can not just walk the halls vicariously, lounge in rooms, attack others work ethic, confuse meeting for a Power Hour to vent about the perils of your family and call that work each day! I have news for you Idiot! That's NOT work! In fact, it's the opposite of being productive!
You don't get to pick and choose who you interact with in a professional setting. In a profession where No Child is Left Behind, you don't get the right to leave anyone behind! If you can't handle working with other people you should just pick out your coffin now, because unfortunately, Idiot, even when you own your own business you MUST learn to work with ALL types of people and if by chance you can't, you make no money! In a professional setting you can't pick and choose how you handle situations, you must keep composure and maintain flexibility! Believe me; life would be easy peasy if we got to pick and choose what we wanted or didn't want to do! This is not Sims! This is the REAL world! Welcome to life 101 Idiot!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Please Don't Stop the Music!

What caused the downfall of great movie soundtracks?! Contrary to popular belief it doesn't have to be a musical to include GREAT music! I'm saying back in the day a soundtrack trumped or at least riveled most solo artist albums. They were the backdrop to films and carried the flow of the film. Mostly, the songs emotionally charged or led you from scene to scene and often times spoke subliminally to us in a way the actors couldn't always master no matter how great the facial expressions, blocking or camera angel!
Movies like:
Waiting to Exhale
Poetic Justice
New Jack City
Above the Rim
Pretty in Pink
Back to School

I could go on and on but I won't! I'm sure you could add some of your favorites to my list as well! I'm just wondering where are they?! The soundtracks you couldn't wait to release so you could go and buy! The soundtracks that saw you to the End of the Road. The soundtracks that placed you in that moment on the big screen with your leading man or ensemble cast. The soundtracks that document your life to the letter because you often times don't have the guts to speak your own truth for yourself without a little assistance. The soundtrack you could play from track one through the last track with skipping through because every song was THE song (well...and two, because many of these soundtracks were on cassette tape and it was just TOO much trouble to rewind and fast-forward! Y'all remember that?! You'd always pass the mark for the start of the next song so you may as well just play the entire thing or at least the end of the last song and just go to the other room or something until the song you don't really want to hear fades out and your song came on...OH! ...or is that just me? Don't act brand new! It was YOU too!)
A couple of nights ago my mom and I were in the car together and on the radio came one of the those great songs from a soundtrack I remember! The song took us back, granted my mom is...well, my basically I have NO business talking about, "This my song!" right along with my mom! That just means my little behind was grown and fass! Lol! Here I am listening to and loving these songs I had NO idea what they were about then at eight or eleven years old...but guess what?! They are STILL and will always be my jams...too! Right along with my mama! Lol! Don't blame me I had a young, hip mother!

Here's to memories!
Here's a link to the song we were jamming!

Exclusivity Counts

Speaking of something sweet and thoughtful someone did for me, I made the mistake- and I say that loosely JOKINGLY-of telling him I believed his gesture was, as always, sweet and thoughtful.
He says, "Of course. I'm always that way. I've been telling you that."
I ended the conversation with one of these --> ;-)
But I really wanted to say, "You're absolutely right. You always are...with Sally, Jane, Felicia, Tameeka, Mymeeka, MoeMeeka, etc and that's precisely why I can't take you seriously! This same sweet and thoughtful gesture has been passed around like a bean bag in several games of hot potato."
But that would've been "rude" and begun an entire different conversation I'd prefer to leave buried deep inside the core of the Earth!
I learned you can't change people, their thoughts, perceptions, or actions. God can...but I can't...and won't try to. No matter how much you'd or I'd or we'd like things to flow in a certain manner; it's just not up for us to orchestrate! Let things be. A polite "thank you" for someone's efforts is quite sufficient. Take it or leave it but keep it moving, don't waste too much think time. Surrender that "thank you"that they're owed, smile graciously and you've done your part!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Praise God for His Spoken WORD!

"If as one people speaking the same language...nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them." God Spoke it Genesis 11:6 Power and Anointing in that alone!!!
Being on one accord!
My dad, Doctor N.C Cunningham spoke WORD into my LIFE today!!! God I'm Yours! I want only those like-minded individuals in my circle! Nothing WE plan would be impossible! Hallelujah!

Friday, April 12, 2013


Seriously! It's annoying the stereotypes and dumb misconceptions that people...most people have!
So, because I have shoulder to past shoulder-length hair that happens to be MUST be weave right? Right! That's what most people are thinking! It's ridiculous! My hair is not "long" but that happens to be the adjective I consistently hear from males and females alike!
One lady said today as I sat getting prepped for a Relaxer, "Her hair is so thick I just assumed it was a weave, but I know you can't do a relaxer on weave."
One man said, "Is this all your thick pretty long hair?"
Most people say, "Oh! That's not weave?" I remember a lady in high school saying to me, "Your hair is always so perfect, thick and pretty it looks like a wig."
I mean seriously!!!! If I had weave or even a wig they'd be down to my bootay! Extraordinarily Long and for no good reason except that I can. Even when I have worn weave for performance purposes or just because it is totally my perogative; that hair was L O N G!
I do believe in matching your hair to your weave or otherwise; what's the point!? So I can empathize when I'd have weave L O N G and people would ask if it was mine, because I actually know HOW to wear weave waaaaaay past the deadline you must renew, refresh or plain take it out! Lol! But now! With this (what I call) itty bit of hair Please! Get your Life! See the world! Not everyone has nappy, short hair, and not everyone wears weave or wigs!!
Just venting, not mad ;-)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Thoughts In Print

The intent behind my words or actions are sometimes misunderstood and misinterpreted. I'm unapologetically honest and if I smile in your face, best believe it's genuine. Don't ask my opinion if you're not prepared for my answer. When I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong and with that; I stand strong in my convictions. I am ME and that's all I can be; exactly who God called me to be!
They that truly KNOW me, truly LOVE me❤


Our Greatest Hater

Some run around here and almost every other phrase parting their lips is about some "hater" that's "hating" on them: Who's the biggest "hater", all the reasons they could be "hating", how often they're "hating", where they were "hating"! Enough already.
I'll tell you the honest to goodness truth and this will CHANGE your life (in Stan from Martin's voice) from heartache, confusion, discomfort, delusion and pain...
TIME is in fact your greatest hater!
Honey, time will wear your ass out! Time'll put you in your place when you act like you forget! Time'll have you fatigued and lethargic. It will most definitely run circles around you! Time will remind you where you've BEEN and exactly where you are headed! Act like you don't know if you want to! Get out there trying to do the things you did ten or twenty years ago and see what happens! Watch and see how Time will molly-whoop your ass straight! Lol! You'll wake up bruised and confused! Go on! Try Time. It's NOT playing with you!
Time won't wait on you to figure it out either, and it don't care how long it takes you to catch on because unlike everything we have and's infinite! It's ferocious! It's unapologetic!
You can't beat Time! No matter how much you spend, how long you spend it, and to what degree you spend it; sooner or later Time will prove it was all a waste.
I could continue to go on and on about Time and just how much it "hates" us all, oh yes, it doesn't discriminate. It "hates" on us ALL equally, and without fail. Some of us handle Time differently but we're all caught in it's wrath. So, get over your complaints about all these other so-called "haters" Time is the ONLY hater you have! Please believe.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I wish

I wish I could swim. Let me rephrase that...I wish I wasn't terrified that a large, massive body of water could engulf me so much so I no longer have control of my own body!
A bit dramatic but I'm not ashamed of my truth! One of "white" friends once told me most "black" people don't swim. I found that funny! Hilarious actually. I wasn't offended. She wasn't attempting to be offensive, just cognizant of what she'd observed in her life.
I find it quite comical if you attend a "black" pool party versus a "white" pool party all the obvious (not so stereotypical) visions of splendor you will see! Lol
Anyway, I digress.
I wish I was more water inept so that I could swim with the dolphins or scuba dive or surf or snorkel (YES!!! Judge me!! I have gone snorkeling but feared for my life so much I don't really remember it! I believe at that moment; my boyfriend at the time may have been DONE with me! Lol)
It's an entire other world under the sea! They even wrote a song about it, you know, from Little Mermaid!
If I wasn't so afraid I could explore the oceans, seas, rivers, ponds, etcetera, etcetera! Lol
Those of you not afraid; enjoy! Enjoy enough for me please and thank you!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Surprising Great Things Vol. 1

*Finding an unknown, no-label cd or album and discovering a playlist of memory lane tunes that cause you to shake a tail-feather, sing at the top of your lungs, or just simply begin cheesing!
That's a great feeling!