Monday, December 28, 2015

Time Out!

I've been so inundated with school that I haven't commentated on ALL the tragedies surrounding the injustices in our world today, yesterday, and those that have yet to come. Tamir Rice a young boy playing at the playground gets gunned down and killed for no apparent reason and there is no solace for his family, no indictment on the premature and preemptive murder of this child! I'm driven back to the horrendous attack on Trayveon Martin and again the failed judicial system that exist with our laws and court systems. Matters of wording, timing, and evidence are all stunning revelations that allow criminals to run free and maintain a sense of overt dignity and entitlement. 
Everything is different and yet everything remains the same.  The same struggles of a race are still prevalent in society and yet with a blind eye or an awkward smile things are supposed to be "alright" "overcoming" and "equitable". These, and many more, are simply another reason to be an active member of the community! Your community! Shape awareness...DEFINE the laws in your district, city, county, state, country. It's time for just existing. Live with a purpose. Be the face of educators, police officers, sheriffs, constables, judges, county clerks, law makers, politicians, loan officers, bankers, business owners, doctors, dentists, etc. 
There's nothing wrong with aspiring to be an athlete, entertainer, Maverick, etc...anything you desire just choose to use your platform to implement CHANGE in the community that you, at the very least, reside in. Take selfies making a difference. Snapchat all the positive things in the community you're doing. Blog, rally, be sassy, be bold, be loud making statements for OUR future! It's time out!
And now I'm off my soapbox!