Thursday, October 11, 2012

VP Debate- My Take!

(Khrysti Shrug)
I laughed, I changed channels, I returned, I gripped!
Favorite Lines:
"Oh, now you're Jack Kennedy?" - Vice President, Joe Biden

"We haven't had leadership, we've been given speeches." - Paul Ryan

I must say our Vice President was cocky and confident! Loved it, he had charisma!
Ryan Paul, put his best foot forward and looked like he comes straight from an Olympic Games commercial! He's the poster child for hair care and fitness lifestyles! At least that's what I gather!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Not About THIS Life!

How could you want to be PART of an organization but don't support it?!
Where do they do that at?! Clearly, you merely want to be a "member" just to say you're a member! For what it stands for! For what you think you offer! Just to do something! To perpetrate!
Organizations, associations, clubs, or whatever else that requires membership are now, more than ever, ALL about business! Perpetual incorporation and good withstanding! They're not in "need" of any more seat fillers, whiners, I'm-only-a-member-when-it's-time-to-dress-alike-and-wear-shirters, I'll-always-hit-up-the-socialers! There's WORK involved! Contributions to be made and most definitely some dues to be paid! Stop calling up people, emailing, texting, asking for references, wanting good words, and you, yourself, know you can't or won't find the time or resources to SUPPORT it when you're a non-member! You not even in there and you dont support?! What will you be like as a member then?! How do you think you become part?! Support doesn't come AFTER you're a member. It starts BEFORE! And if you're an excellent member you embody a lasting legacy! Think about it! Do YOUR part!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Pound cake!

I LOVE pound cake! My mom's 7-up is my favorite! Then comes a family friend's recipe of Plain! It was SO good I asked for the recipe! Who knew I'd be around here baking...and from SCRATCH at that!?! I really enjoy baking too! Once you master the plain cake recipe you can add flavors (lemon, vanilla, almond) as well! My personal favorite is vanilla extract! You could very well add icing, my personal preference is not to, because frankly; there's no need. I find the hardest part to baking from scratch are the tedious details!
Separating eggs, yuck! It's just gross! Lol! I've since learned from my first time baking a cake from scratch is obviously, to oil the pan, but more importantly than that; remove the cake from the pan and THEN let cool! Maybe you knew that rule, but I did not. After my first snaf-foo 3 years ago, I haven't done it since!
Enjoy this lovely Fall weather and the start to the holidays!! I know I am!
I've included the before oven and after photos :-)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

First Sunday Soul Session Khrystian Tid Bit

Stop looking for love! It's already yours! You have it! Take in what's around you and count all that surrounds you!
Good love and God Bless,

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Debate 1-My take!

President Obama, Mr. President, my President, OUR President is still trying to implement his principles and promote the Change he discussed four years ago! (Clears throat) Education which has been hit hard these last four years! However, OUR President basically believes "Simple math, common sense, and our history" needed!
Gov. Mitt Romney has no details to ANY plan of action but he agrees with anonymous people he meets all over the country that hate the way America is treating them, and he does promise to cut any federal programs (PBS, PELL Grants, HEADSTART) though!
The Moderator...all due respect, because it's not my job but; he sucks

Overall rating out of 10= 2
This debate was wretched!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Don't be bitter, BE BETTER!

Blaming bad decisions YOU make on the fact that you have KIDS is a pure and total cop out!
Understand that decisions you make DO in fact affect your children, but to blame staying in an unhealthy situation a product of "your kids" best interest is bullsh!t! That's a CHOICE you make because, for a lack of better words, you're scared! Terrified, petrified, and downright afraid of making the choice to CHANGE your situation!
Of course it's hard out's HARD just to live, now a days! Taking care of yourself is overwhelming let alone other helpless, innocent mouths to feed! It's rough and that's no lie! I mean seriously; people are taking their own lives in rates unprecedented. Depression, obesity, anxiety, pill popping; I mean really...must I go on?!
Of course it's HARD! Life decisions, life altering decisions at that...yes they are hard because no one truly wants to make mistakes! You don't wake up in the morning and say, "I wonder how many mistakes I can make today? I only made three yesterday; I should go for four today!" Only a hallelujah fool would say that!
But IF and/or when you do make mistakes, pick up and LEARN to make better choices!
It's really as simple as that! Is it easy?! No! Hardly ever! Is it worth it?! Absolutely!! Do some choices scare us? Sure! Can we get comfortable in our on small-minded comparisons that we don't always see the big picture God has for us! Without a doubt!
But please, please, please STOP blaming (justifying) your bad life choices and decisions on the stupid phrase, "It's not easy when you have kids!" You just sound bitter...mad at the world, and almost as of you resent your kids! You make the choice to be in the situations you're in! Kids are innocent! They are sponges and EVERYTHING you do, or don't do affects them!
Don't be bitter, be BETTER! Choose to make wiser choices!



It's the first of October!!! Fall is here and 2012 is rounding towards its ending quarter!
It's time for yet another self-reflection moment, or as I like to say...self-check!
Have you reached the majority, if not ALL of your goals?! Are you staying positive and promoting self awareness to any of your shortcomings in what's keeping you from your goals?!
Have you maintained any daily evaluations or check lists?! Have you done your part in actively pursuing purposeful relationships?!
If not; it's NOT too late!!!
Get up!
Do it!
Make it happen!
Let's get it!