Monday, April 4, 2011

Open Letter to the Guys!

Hello Gentlemen!  I have just a few things to say to you all; mostly addressing the way you approach, come at and respond to the opposite sex!  I don't know who's writing the "new book" but you need to take it, burn it and whoop the guys' ass that wrote it!

Using a different adjective and pronoun with every sentence you say to a female borders on gross.  Most times a simple, single "Good morning" will do!  Please lose the; "Good morning sexy lady", Good evening pretty dove, " I could go on, but it turns my stomach (Yuck!)  This especially rings true when it's not your woman!  That's different; you and her may have that type of relationship with one another.  I'm talking about random women you encounter and you have the audacity to double adjective/pronoun her!

Continue chivalry!  It ain't dead!  Yes, I realize there are these "new breed independent" women in the world that can make it difficult.  But, I must say; you will lose your "man-hood" each time...take for instance you stop doing the supposed "man-things" in the relationship and stop being a leader; you'll have a serious problem when you're "man-hood" is checked, questioned or demeaned.  Stop setting your self up for failure!  Discuss roles and the lane each of you will stay in.  It saves time, embarrassment and uncomfortable situations!

Stop handing out these business cards.  If you're about about it business and stop mixing it with pleasure.  Unless the lady asks for your card; she just may NOT use it!  Again, setting yourself up for failure!  If she's like me; she'll either place the card on the table, not even looking at it, or she'll give it back to you and tell you to put it away! Just saying!

Just because someone makes eye contact with you; it does NOT automatically means she's interested in you!  Enough said!

Ummmm...some conversations are intimate, personal and are better left for when you know the lady alittle bit better!  If you didn't meet her in THAT particular type of setting...where anything goes..IT'S NOT APPROPRIATE!  Er...I'll just leave it at that!

Be Deliberate and crystal CLEAR about your intentions!  I believe it's called, "keeping it 100", per my dear friend!  Toys are for NO woman deserves to be "toyed" with!  And as I most often times tell my single eligible bachelor friends; "More often than not a woman wants the EXACT same thing you want."  Just be upfront and if she can deal with your bottom line; she ain't going no where!!  Honesty is Sexy!  And heck, if she can't handle don't want her.  You need someone strong and deliberate just like you!

I'm sure I'll give more at a later date...however, I'm done now...Good day!

The Rude of You!

Everyone handles pain, sadness, guilt; shoot, even joy and excitement differently!  On occasion, when someone is emotional or feeling hurt, they can easily become irrational and say things that shouldn't be taken personally, or; at least that's what you'd hope! Imagine anytime emotional pain is involved: take death, break-ups or any other type of ill-prepared loss. For the sake of this blog; I'll take break-ups for $500, please, Alex!
Many times it won't come as a surprise if your significant other acts like a 5th grader and says vindictive, undeniably rude, irrational or downright mean things to you. Supposedly, they don’t really mean it. They're simply hurt and desiring attention from you. I think it's what we'd all agree as a moment of desperation! I don't think it even matters to them if they get a positive, negative or indifferent reaction, so long as they can conjure up Something!
Maybe you're a "Judgmental Judy" and think what I just wrote was the MOST absurd thing you've ever heard don't think it happens or "you've" (and I do mean, JUST YOU) experienced it before.  Let's then take death- one of the most difficult times for many people of the world of all races, ethnicity's and backgrounds to handle.  It's a time when old war wounds, and intense emotions can take and sometimes break down families and pull them apart.  No matter the root of resentment or contempt it can often times cause dissension, friction and skeletons to fall from places you never could've imagined! 

Still looking at "Judy" in the mirror eh?!  Then let's take the loss of a job or any major source of income!  Think of this here recession America has been going through.  Sometimes, out of sheer frustration, a person will say something irrational and plain rude to someone else in an effort to get their point across!  Even in the ding dang on starbucks line (at least I guess...hey, it could happen!)If you still can't relate, just go crawl back under the rock you came from LOL!  But seriously!

I don't know how many of you have been the observer or offender, but I do know, I was taught, or possibly learned it along the way of this thing called life- after some trial and error of course- to be careful of what I let depart from MY mouth! I learned through the Word that there's power of life and death within these tongues and whatsoever a man speaketh (?) well you know the rest! Anywho, I supremely try and think before I speak! Okay, okay, I've slipped on that more times than I'd care to bring up BUT, I will say; I DO usually mean exactly what I say, and hardly ever; if not haven't, ever went back on what I've said!  I've been both blessed and cursed with the Gift of Gab!  I'm blunt!  Unappolegetically straightforward!  I say what I mean and I mean what I say...thank you Dr. Seuss!
Yes, yes, yes I know sometimes we all have said things in the heat of an argument that you may have felt, later on, was below the belt, however; it takes practice not to renege on statements that fly from your mouth! I'm just saying; it saves you on ALL that apologizing! Which, by the way, begins to LOSE it's value if done too often! (subject of my next blog...that's 'gon be a GOOD one too! Lol!)
Okay, I've lost sight of the original intent of this blog for a moment..and it's to urge you to ignore Them! The Offender! Don't let them rile you up! Don't give 'em what they want by reacting! Let them be THEMSELVES, in the end they'll look stupid! Or at the very come back with their tales between their legs asking for forgiveness!
Just don't give too many chances to make the same mistake twice!