Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I's Married Now

I think everyone (well, my friends) waits to say the hilarious, made famous, line of Shug Avery after being pronounced husband and wife.  "I's married now!" 
Your soul-mate has arrived, your Love has finally come along, God has sent your counter-part so that, as a woman, you can begin to be a help-mate.  You fulfill a prophecy. 
I could go on and on about the sanctity and proclamation of marriage.  As a "single girl" I wrote and created open discussions about the joys, fun, trials, and mishaps of dating while now as a married woman I'll, no doubt, write and create open discussions about the joys, fun, trials, and mishaps of sharing my life with another person...for ever...at least in front of our family, friends, and God we said until death do us part. 
...Let us bow for a moment of prayer NOW...Forever is a long time.  Forever also is a short time.  It all depends on perspective.  That's precisely why prayer is required. 


Despite all the humanly losses we had during 2016 the year was full of transition. TRANSITIONS. Change. Movement. I had a great year. It was FULL of transitions for me. I gained a husband, we bought a home, and we're going to welcome a baby girl into the world! This time last year I wouldn't have guessed it or even imagined where I am today...in this moment. I'm a wife AND a mom! Wow O_o Time passes and things evolve, and transition whether you're rehearsed or not!
Be grateful you're still in the land of the living in 2017. You get another day to get it right. Another day to make a right decision. Another chance at happiness. Another chance to forgive. Another opportunity to accomplish something. Another moment to praise, thank, and worship God.
Happy New Year!
2017 has more in store...let's try and be positive as we enter and travel through the journey!

¿Question Newlyweds?

I'm just wondering as a newlywed what did you other married (had a wedding or have keepsakes) folks do with all of your sentimental mementos?!
Ring bearer Pillow
Aisle runner
All that stuff we paid money to incorporate into our ceremony or other portions of our special day. I need ideas. I have minimal thoughts but I thought I'd take to my blog to get some other ideas.