Monday, September 24, 2012

Throwback Hair Recipe #1

Circa 1990's
Material needed:
1. Synthetic hair (color(s) totally up to you)
2. Magnetic rollers (size up to you, however preferably the pink or green)
3. Just 4 Me Setting lotion
4. Jam gel
5. Multiple rubber bands (just in case)
6. Scarf
7. Bobby pins

Place real hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head. Use Jam gel to smooth hair, lay it down and to ward any stray ends. Avoid only using one rubber band to alleviate frustration. Instead, double or possible triple up.

Once real hair is in place to liking, wrap head with scarf to further hold in place.

Next, saturate synthetic hair with setting lotion and separate into 2-3 inch sections rolling the hair around the magnetic roller. Hair will hold in place. Place synthetic hair with rollers into microwave for, no longer than, 3-5 minutes paying careful attention to burnt smell or sparks coming from microwave. If any of the previous happens remove synthetic hair immediately from the microwave.

Once hair is dry and curls are set remove rollers from the synthetic hair. Shake out or pull apart with fingers the synthetic hair to desired look. Remove the scarf from your head and begin at the crown of your head and carefully secure the synthetic hair with bobby pins to the natural haired ponytail already in place.

Give a head-shake test and once confident the synthetic hair is in place you are complete. *Hint* If bobby pins are not pulling at your natural hair, the synthetic hair is NOT secure, I repeat; is NOT secure. Please abort and try again!

I Salute YOU!

I'll never comprehend the logic behind "professionals" in a professional setting complaining and not wanting to do their ding-dang-on jobs?!
You're hired to do a job, so DO it! Quit passing the buck, making excuses, blame shifting or creating opportunities to scurry past your responsibilities!

I want to applaud those of us that go the extra mile, act accordingly in our professional settings, goal set and conquor, engage in positivity, uplift those around, and continuously set the bar for high achievement! Those that, don't bark orders or critique finished products, but those paving the way and BLAZING new trails!

Keep it up! Your professionalism is appreciated, reciprocated, and truly required as standards have been minimized and lowered in today's society! I salute YOU!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

God Is

Once you internalize that...Life as you know it becomes Peace, Joy, and Love!
God Bless,

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Praise and Worship

Our entire body is an instrument for God! Some of us have the ability to sing, some the ability to dance. There are some of us that can rightly divide the Word of God and make it plain, some have the ability to articulate well whether written or spoken. Some of us play instruments, some can expose the Word in several languages.
No matter what your should GIVE it back to God! Use your talents to magnify the Lord because only what you do for Christ will last! Know your purpose and LIVE it!
God bless!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Khrystian Tid-bit 93

Live and Love UNCONDITIONALLY! 💋😍😃
Love is a learned behavior and life offers continual lessons. Grow, grow and grow...don't be stagnant! Life is too short not to use what you learn to do better daily!

Ham, no burger

I LOVE massages! I would get them every day, at every hour if I could.
I got bamboozled, er; I mean, talked into getting an introductory 6 month membership at Massage Envy. Granted I do have a regular masseuse that I go to and she's Ah-mazing! One FULL hour (unlike Massage Envy's 50 minute but advertised hour) Absolutely great, but because of my spur of the moment almost slight addiction to getting a massage I can't always call her an hour before and get a massage that same day. That's acceptable. That's realistic! I get it.
Massage Envy can usually always get me in same day and because there are about three locations in my area; usually within the hour. I thought!
Enough background info; I'll get to the point:
I went in yesterday to "work out" the stiffness and soreness in my lower back and neck. Suffice to say, my massage was ham but no burger! My request was deep tissue. It ALWAYS is! I have a small frame, so this has confused most whom have worked on me...I can take pressure. In fact, I LIKE, no...make that, LOVE IT! "Get in there. You won't hurt me, I promise and if I get uncomfortable, trust me; I know how to say, 'Uncle'!" I always give the "pep" talk to the masseuse.
Yesterday, it felt like I was getting lotion simply rubbed onto my back!
It started to get annoying. Imagine having an itch that you just can't scratch! That's what this annoyance was like!
The cd started to scratch too! o_O
The experience is supposed to be relaxing, and as you know nothing is more abrupt or unnerving than a scratched, skipping cd.
Why do masseuse (well...the ones I've gotten at the Envy) ask how does it feel? Is this pressure okay? Do you feel better? If they don't really want to know the answer! Don't ask me if you're just going to make an excuse!
"Is this pressure okay?"
"No. I can't feel it. You could go deeper?"
"Oh yea. I'm about to. I'm just loosening..."

-Listen! Just do what I said, you've been loosening my....for 30 minutes, it's loose! The point of the question was pressure being okay. My answer is NO, so change it!

After the massage:
"How do you feel now?"
"The same as when I got here."
"Yea. I got in there and worked it. Drink this bottle of water and you'll feel better."

-Yea! That's it water was my answer! If that's all it took why did I come to you again?! I mean really! Who says that?!

When I go to my regular masseuse I go in for a problem and I'm relieved right after. The water just continues to flush out my ailments!
Bottom line- Ham, no burger!!

**Disclaimer* No masseuse was hurt or injured before, during or after the writing of this blog.**