Thursday, August 9, 2018

My Proposal

I never, quite honestly remember blogging about my engagement. There were SO many things going on during that time. From graduating with my Master’s, to family and friends attending my graduation getaway, to the process of purchasing a new home, from beginning work with a new principal...blogging was simply overshadowed and that is disappointing on my part. 
 Now though, on the heels of the 2nd year anniversary of the day he proposed, Saturday, August 20th, I’m blogging about it!
We’d just left my graduation. I’d invited friends and family that could attend to go and travel with us to Lamar University and then on to Lake Charles, Louisiana to stay at the Golden Nugget Resort and Casino. My plan was a weekend getaway filled with surprises, congratulations, and fun but never in a million years would I have imagined my then boyfriend that I’d been dating for three full years had planned to pop the question! Sure we’d discussed the notion. Looked at rings. Went to view homes. Talked marriage plans, our future, kids, where we wanted to live and how we wanted to live before as far back as during the first year of dating. What’s the ideal proposal? You know? All the idealogical yummy talk couples in love have but still, to this day, I wouldn’t have bet five dollars on him proposing at that time. 
After morning graduation our first stop was lunch, followed by a poolside graduation party, then dinner, late drinks and dancing, wake up to a breakfast buffet, pool again and head home...with gambling shuffled in between if guests wanted. Lunch however was shifted greatly slightly when it came time for toasts...and my boyfriend was the one that suggested it👀 He’s social but not that social so that should’ve gotten me, but no! It didn’t. Then my mom wasn’t at the table, for some reason, and we had to wait on her. I could’ve maybe thought something then, but why would I if they’re all about to toast to my accomplishment👀 
When she finally gets to the table he stands and makes me stand too👀 now if I shouldn’t have known then I don’t know what...but still I’m thinking he’s just trying to be extra lol for my graduation lol.
He tells everyone how proud of me he is and how much he loves me, other words that begin to fade because he then drops to one knee👀 That’s it! That’s how the question was popped! In front of my family and friends....and the entire Pappadeaux restaurant. I have pictures, may even have video...but my one bff who is a camera Nazi...we told her to get the bright lights out of our face 🤦🏾‍♀️ so we probably aren’t recorded 😂🤣 If only I’d have known👀...

I was so clueless I didn’t even know until after the fact that he asked my daddy for my hand in marriage before we left to get on the road that morning. And shockingly my dad held onto the secret the entire morning from my mom because he said she’d have given it away 😂🤣