Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Live in and Enjoy Your Moments

No matter where you are in life...😊


*as posted on Micheal Baisden's Facebook*

The Termites in Every Profession and Organization

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Until the End of Time...

Until the end of time
I'll be there for you
You own my heart and mind
I truly adore you
If God one day stroke me blind
Your beauty I'd still see
Love is to weak to define
Just what you mean to me

No, not Prince (that's all I could muster to say when I was given the news) Rest in peace musical icon, legend, genius, and BOSS! 
I can only speak on when I saw him live in concert, performing, commanding the stage in only a way he could do; when I observed his non verbal yet wildly expressive body language at awards shows; watching him during interviews or reading his thoughts through the words of his songs. He was a gentle spirit, charismatic, talented, no-nonsense, silly, sweet, and lovable all wrapped into one from this fans point of view. I'll miss the anticipation of new music from him, or surprise performance dates, and tours! I'll miss his smile, laugh, and animated eyes.
I can't even list all the contributions he's made to music, musicians, artists, everybody. I can't list a favorite song or a single, determining factor that attributes to my affection toward him as a contribution to my era of music but I do know a piece of REAL creative outstanding music left this earth along with him. He lives on through HIS music which HE fought SO hard to protect! #PaisleyPark #PurpleRain #TheArtist
"Like books and black lives, albums matter." 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Power of Five! Single Girl Gem #55

Realize the POWER of five. Realize YOUR POWER of five! Sometimes all it takes is five to come to your senses, to trust in the test, to believe in yourself, to rational, to be sincere...etc!
FIVE seconds
FIVE deep breaths
FIVE fingers clenched tight into a fist
FIVE seconds
FIVE minutes
FIVE hard laughs
FIVE cents
FIVE dollars
FIVE one hundred dollar bills
FIVE good thoughts
FIVE kind words
Using your FIVE senses 
There is POWER in FIVE!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Eyes Wide shut

Perhaps I'm not racially motivated, socially conscious, or culturally aware enough...I don't "see" anything wrong with the initial picture. Could someone perhaps The second, more "acceptable", picture shows the same little girl using someone else's head for a pillow O_o
Might this mean she's just lazy? Or perhaps she's just being an affectionate kid? 
I don't "see" what the "issue" is. Why is racial justice always the first "issue" that arises as it relates to various races being together? If they were all one race, would there still be a "issue" of this detrimental resting arm? 


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Straight Talk, No Chaser!

As seen on Mary B. Morrison's Facebook post!