Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Moral Fiber of America (part 1)

Okay!  I wasn't going to engage in this Tom Foolery of a discussion:  BUT now I AM!
Since when did making a mockery of your integrity, esteem, and least of ALL family name get to be acceptable! 
Montana Fishburne, daughter to the great actor, Laurence (or to some Larry) Fishburne has decided to forsake her family namesake and become Chippy D a vivid (no pun intended) entertainment actress to the porn industry.  When I first heard the story I had a shake my head moment-not because she decides to bear her oochie wallie wallie on the small screen, but for this PYT's 19-year old reasoning behind partaking in such a pursuit.  She aspires to be a BIG name like Kim Kardashian!!
She wants the fame and money and, er...I suppose notoriety of having sex on camera and getting paid, plus endorsements, plus fans, not to mention the advantage of becoming an idol and one of America's 50 most beautiful people!  
I have to say; this is a sad, sad case!  Not because of what she wants to do, how she wants to do it, or even why she wants to do it; but the moral behind the story, at least for me!  Let's face it-sex is inevitable.  It makes the world go round!  It gets given, sold, taken, tested, tried, played with...I mean any verb you can imagine...I'm pretty sure sex can be equated with it.  It's been around forever, and I'm not talking about love making, or baby making...I'm talking about whorehouses, strip clubs, brothels, bordellos, cathouses, gentlemen's clubs, the list could go on...and please don't pretend to not know about them!  Our modern Hugh Hefner, Ron Jeremy, Paris Hilton, Mr. Marcus, Heidi Fleiss....enough!  These things have been going on a long time.  
There's nothing new under the sun!  However, there used to be decorum about these things.  It used to be shameful and disgraceful for you to desire these jobs.  If you engaged in the activities, you kept it from your in don't ask, don't tell.  People still are shunned  by their families for such acts, to this day.  So my blog is not to frown upon this child.  She clearly needs guidance and support.  My blog is to ask the question, "What does our country deem important and successful?  Are the moral fibers and scrouples gone?  Are we lacking clear and intentional guidance for ourselves?" 
There used to be a time when young kids aspired to be CEO's, doctors, lawyers, dentists, teachers, coaches, accountants.  Now, they desire to immulate video vixens, porn stars, hip-hop artist, gigolos, baby mamas.   It's insane!  Adults are no better!  I'm sorry, but just because you see Nicki Manaj wearing a two piece bikini in the club on a video with red and yellow hair, does not mean that's the new trend.  You idiot it's called entertainment!! (Okay sorry, you're not an idiot.  No need for me to name call!  But you do need a reality punch in the damn face!)  Some things are for TV and the WOW factory.  Some things are for advertisement and trend-setting, but come-on now!!
Okay sorry, I digress...anywho, all I'm saying is we (Americans) need to stop glorifying demoralizing people, topics, situations and things.  Justin wanted to bring sexy back!  Well, I want to bring self-respect BACK!  Respect for authority, respect for elders, respect for education, respect for people, respect for property, respect for values, respect for God, respect for LIFE!

*Stay tuned* There's MORE*

What Type of Life Are You Leading?

What type of life are you leading if you're surrounded by criminals?  What type of life are you leading placing yourself in compromising positions?  What type of life are you leading if your head is bowed so low you don't see the blessings God has for you?  What type of life are you leading engulfed in turmoil?  What type of life are you leading with your nose in the air?  What type of life are you leading sacrificing everything for a career that's not going anywhere?  What type of life are you leading keeping up with the Joneses?  What type of life are you leading wallowing in drama?  What type of life are you leading pretending to be someone you're not?What type of life are you leading throwing it all away?  What type of life are you leading being open-minded?  What type of life are you leading harboring resentment?  What type of life are you leading wishing on a star?  What type of life are you leading being a rolling stone? What type of life are you leading risking it all?  What type of life are you leading having a forgiving heart?  What type of life are you leading spreading yourself thin?  What type of life are you leading playing mind games?  What type of life are you leading giving back to the community?  What type of life are you leading swallowing your pride?  What type of life are you leading putting sinful ways aside? What type of life are you leading working for God?

~Just something thought-provoking that was in my spirit to write!  Whether we choose to believe it or not, our actions speak volumes about our character.  Each and everything we do from the moment life is given to us leaves a path.  What is your life leading?  Who is your life leading? What even leads your life?  Would you want to FOLLOW?!
Khrystian Nichole

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Broke, Busted and Disgusted!

LMAO!  I have to laugh (real hard) out loud as I write the title to this post.  A friend of mine always says that...and each time she does, it just tickles me!  LOL!  Today's blog has to do with "people" that like to offer advice about everything.  From living to finances.  They are the one's always telling you what you should be doing or how you should be doing it...and you know what?!  They are not in any type of authority to do so!  Meaning they are broke, busted and disgusted!  They don't have their life together or they're not making any strides to do so, but yet they have the nerve to tell you where to go and how to get there!
Truly they need to sit the H. E. double hockey sticks down!!
Believe me-I am a firm believer of not re-inventing the wheel, and I truly believe in the mantra; "If you want what I got, do what I do."  Those are true statements.  You should have people in and around your life that are successful and/or doing things you consider worthy of praise to look up to and receive advice from!  And if they are truly successful; they have no problem offering advice when asked or giving you pointers.  Let;s be clear! I am not talking about them.  I'm speaking about the idiots that, "hate you cause they ain't you"!  They're consistently struggling in life and can't stand the fact that you're in a better and greater position than them.  They won't say these things or act any certain way specifically, but they are the true frienemies. (read my previous blog about frienemies)
They compare themselves to you at your age and tell you all about what they were doing at the age you're at but then be 40, 50, 60, heck maybe older and doing the same things you're doing.  Having the same struggles and hardships!  (i.e. first time home-buyer, no kids, no spouse, no formal education, etc.)
*Advice is great, especially when someone has "been there done that"...but NOT if they're STILL there and doing it!*
Cases in point:
1. An older "friend" tells you how you should be spending your money and what you should be doing with it. i.e (buy a car)  They're telling you to buy a car, or ragging (do people still say that word?) on you for not having a brand new car or up-to-date car, yet the car they drive (if they even have one) is not in their name; because their credit is so smoked off all they are eligible for is pre-paid debit cards and they couldn't afford to buy a cash car if their life depended on it.
2. You live at home or with a relative. (like, keep it real...most do!)  Some people just "stay" with somebody because they can't or won't get their own place, and some people choose to do it because they are financially able to do whatever it is they want. (whatever!) They are telling you how badly you need to be in your own place or that you're not independent!  You're too dependent, they say.  Well, they aren't even living in a house they bought, or even an apartment of their own; they are staying, either with a live-in boy/girlfriend, or a place that a family member just allows them to live in.  Or my personal fave...they always have to borrow money just to make their mortage or rent!  Okay, so you don't borrow money for mortage or rent, but you struggling to make your ends meet every month and robbing Peter to pay Paul.  How dependent is that?!
3. (Everybody's favorite!)  The single-ass person that wants to let you know what they would or wouldn't put up with if they were you.  How much they'd be out of the relationship if they, "did me like that", or "said that to me".  Of course it is the eternal bachelor that always has something to say.
4. You don't cook as often as they claim they cook.  But in actuality; the food they cook comes into a hard eighth place up against Alpo, the dog food, and they have the nerve to tell you, you need to learn how to cook and cook more often! 

~Just because you make a baby doesn't make you a good parent.
~Just because you have a job doesn't make you an invaluable asset to the company.
~Just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean it's a good one or that you're spouse is in it with you. (ouch!)
~Just because you went to school doesn't mean you're smart.
~Just because you learned about it doesn't mean you know it.
~Just because you write a blog doesn't make you a writer (stepping on my toes...I can handle it LOL!)
~And just because you have a voice and an opinion doesn't mean someone wants to hear it!

All I'm saying is...worry about yourself.  Sweep around your own front porch, before you come trying to mop mine!  And lastly. Get a Life!

Khrystian Nichole

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Yes, I work there. Hell no, you can't!

Excuse the title...used for emphasis.
I was having a thought to myself a few weeks back.  I placed those thoughts onto twitter...and it's funny how the conversation came up today; which is the reason for this blog.  Entitlement:  Complete strangers (or people you don't talk to often) thinking it's perfectly okay to ask for sh%t.
There are people in the world, whom you don't really, truly know; however, they may know you through a parent, cousin, sister-in-laws nephew, or grandparents friend of 50 years and they feel as if they are entitled to contact you for any perk of life that you are accessible to.  I'll break this down to an actual occurance.
I used to work in radio...shouldn't be any surprises there since my bachelor of arts is in radio and television.  At the radio stations, I worked in several different areas from; national sales, promotions to the street team.  While working at a radio station, of course you get perks.  Tickets to concerts, parties, exclusive events, yada, yada, yada!  It's no surprise or secret.  Well of course, people will come out of the wood works to contact you and ask for things.  Case in point:
I was driving along, minding my own business one day, when I recieved a call from an unknown number.  Unknown being that it wasn't saved in my phone, so I didn't know who to expect on the other end of the line.  I answered...because hell, it's my phone (I'll blog on my opinion of not answering certain calls later...because oh, do I have an opinion!)  When I answered, "Hello."  The caller on the other end (for the purpose of this blog will call them Gucci) calls out my name, "Khrysti."  (like I'm not supposed to be answering my phone...any who)  "Yes," I say.  "Hey, this is Gucci."  "Who?!"  I ask bewildered.  "Gucci," they reply, "Remember me, I'm you're mom and aunt's (we'll say aunt as to not disclose the perpertrator) friend.  How you doing?"  She continues, as if that's supposed to make me remember.  However, I indulge in the conversation still not quite knowing who in the world I'm talking to.  So I say, "okay...Hi." "I was calling because I know you work at the radio station and I heard an advertisement for this Bow Wow concert for next weekend.  Prada's (of course the name's not Prada) just loves Bow Wow, she's a huge fan girl, and I was seeing if you could get me a few (not one, not two, but a few) tickets to see Bow Wow in concert.(and of course she means for free, at my expense) Girl, she would be so excited, you know."
~Now of course she kind of kept on going, making sure to continue telling me what a huge fan this child was.  Of course it would make her year.  However, of course I have a younger brother...Hello?! that is about the same age as your child.  You would think if I do have a ticket, or in her case, a few tickets...HE would be the first to get them.  Also, considering I don't know you, and I'm still wondering how in the world you got my number?  Please, don't call me again out of the blue, asking for free tickets to any event!  In this case; I politely told her I don't have any available tickets and that my suggestion to her was to go online or call ticketmaster before the concert sold out or something.  ~

I mean do you believe the audacity of some people?!  It's different, if you know the person, or if you've already extended the invitation to them.  It then becomes acceptable to call you or inquire about something you want to be apart of or know.  But goodness, it's just plain tacky and uncooth to contact someone you hardly speak to or see on a daily basis asking for favors and THINGS!  The sad part of it (and I don't think this happened in this case) but people feel entitled to get whatever it is they ask for from you.  Whether it be friend or foe, relative or someone you hardly know.  If you don't come through for them, or give them what they ask for; you then become so kind of enemy to them.  You think you "too good" to help them or give them something.  I mean wake up people.  No one's entitled to give you, share with you or help you with anything.  It's just really sad that there's that word entitlement, that sets up some sort of standard for you to feel obigated to. 
Happy giving folks!  It's been awhile but I'm back for the Jump-Off!

~i love~

for those of you that frequent my blog you are; family, a loved one, an old friend, a classmate, more than likely someone that has touched my life in one way or another no matter how small, or at the very least a complete stranger. i answer to khrysti, khrys, khrystian nichole, ms. cunningham, and chocolate princess. (LOL). you might hear me referred to as khryssy, khrys-ah, bookie, or lil' kathy.  someone once called me silk.  they call me k-digga. chocolatte. black barbie. onyx pearl. cheerio. and sho'nuff!  at any given time you will hear me SKEEEEEEEEEE-WEE. i can almost guarantee at a party you will find me dropping it like it's hot and throwing back shots. (LOL) that's me.  if you don't know me for dancing, then you don't know me at all!  i have dance fever, the music's in my soul! 
i love GOD, His many blessings, the trials and tests He puts me through, His unmerited favor and His multitude of tender mercies.  i love my life; even when i feel like there's a storm cloud over just my head. 
i love ice cream. i love deaisha.  i love mdjII.  i love to laugh.  i love my family.  i love to love and to be loved.  i love my mama's gumbo.  i love basketball and football.  i live to make my family proud and to please God.  i love every single one of the 69 i.v.i.e.s. of conspiracy.  i love romance.  i love now and laters.  i love to smell marc jacobs, micheal, cashmere mist, be delicious, no. 5 and creed.  i love chocolate-caramel-pecan covered apples.  i love to sing songs that i make up and probably only sound good to me.  i love texas.  i love sundays.  i love to write poetry.  i love to go and listen to it.  i love for a man to sing to me.  i love to read cosmo mag.  i love music, especially r&b and old school.  i love the holidays.  i love a confident and cocky man,  i love the book of ephesians.  i love to travel.  i love listening to live music.  i love football season.  i love massages.  i love tight hugs.  i love hurricanes from boudreaux's.  i love going to concerts that are like parties.  i love when my dreams come true.  and most of all i love waking up to a new day knowing that God has my best interests at heart even when i fall short of His glory!

*Breaking News*

Shaquille O'Neal is going to the Celtics!!  It's official as of todayBoo to Shaq!
On that note; I am officially NO LONGER a fan of the Celtics!  Of course, my absence will neither make or break the team nor it's brand.  However, I felt the need, on my blog, to put it out there.  This change to the Celtics roster just brings me closer and I might add, less guilty, of cheering for the Miami Heat during the season.  I have nothing personally against Shaq, the times I've met him he's been decent.  It's ALL about the game.  I don't care for him as a player.  NEVER been a fan!  I think he's trash! Sorry!
Au Revoir Celtics (my beloved K. G., Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Nate, Rondo....the list could go on, but I must bid you peace and blessings)
It was fun and full of memories!  Now I must go to Miami and give my support there!

*I change teams like the weather.  And I usually follow players and not necessarily the franchise.  What do you expect I'm a girl! LOL!*