Thursday, December 30, 2010

Khrystian's New Year Tid-bit

Just because it's a NEW year approaching doesn't make it "time" for changes!!  Do that ish YEAR-ROUND!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


So this happens to be a petty, emotional, and disturbing twitter beef at it's finest!  Decipher through it if you must...take a side if you choose...but just know that Raz B (today...through this) got some much needed FREE publicity and Chris Brown has his publicist crying right now!! 

» chrisbrown Chris Brown
@razb2k AWWW YOUR butt hurt!!! literally.. i cant .. i gotta stop

10 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply » chrisbrown Chris Brown

RAZBFACT: he can braid a niggaz hair with his toes!!!!! C'mon son

14 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply » chrisbrown Chris Brown

@razb2k you have a lower back tattoo that says "different strokes"

20 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply » chrisbrown Chris Brown

@razb2k... you didnt get raped??? so that means you liked it.. #EPICFAIL

23 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply » chrisbrown Chris Brown

@razb2k merry christmas.i just gave you 20 thousand more followers.. u shouldve did this first instead of telling the world you got raped.

32 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply » chrisbrown Chris Brown


36 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply » chrisbrown Chris Brown

@RICKYROMANCE all that tough guy shit is for the birds!!! im good in LA homie.. remember that!!

42 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply » chrisbrown Chris Brown I CANT... JUST CANT... lmao

51 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply » chrisbrown Chris Brown

this is entertaining to me!!!!

55 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply » chrisbrown Chris Brown / @razb2k
1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply » chrisbrown Chris Brown
This argument lasted longer than your career @razb2k
1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply » chrisbrown Chris Brown

@razb2k when you fart it whistle #walnutbandit

1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply » chrisbrown Chris Brown

@razb2k ur a x backup singer!!!!! What do u make? Like $1.99 an hour

1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply » chrisbrown Chris Brown

@razb2k it's funny how I'm nominated for 3 grAmmys off of a mixtape and ur scrambling for change!!

1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply » chrisbrown Chris Brown

@razb2k when I need tips on how to demolish my career I'll call ya!!!!!

1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply » chrisbrown Chris Brown

I'm not homophobic! He's just disrespectful!!!

2 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply » chrisbrown Chris Brown

I'm not mad though!!! I'm just not silent nor am i one of these scary R&B cats!!

2 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply » chrisbrown Chris Brown

I ain't deleting my tweet either!! I was minding my damn business and Peter pan decides to pop off!!! # whatalame

2 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply » chrisbrown Chris Brown

Tell me this @razb2k!! Why when the money was coming in u won't complaining about getting butplugged! #homothug!!!

3 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply » chrisbrown Chris Brown

@razb2k nigga you want attention! Grow up nigga!!! Dick in da booty ass lil boy

» razb2k Skype me RazB2K

@chrisbrown Dude you must really like Dudes! or you just a B2K fan! and this is how u spend 3hrs to show your true support!

8 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply » razb2k Skype me RazB2K

My step-dad is doin 25 2 life 4 abusin my mom &; i heard U say ur mom was abused &; this is how u represent urself by disrespectin WOMEN?!

26 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply » razb2k Skype me RazB2K

@chrisbrown u victimize victims, ur a homophobe, ur on the down low &; a woman beater. Merry Christmas &; thx 4 showin every1 ur true colors

28 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply » razb2k Skype me RazB2K

@Chrisbrown Since you took this that far! Dude, i wasnt Raped! what a disrespect to every Kid around the world that has been Molested!!!!!

31 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply » razb2k Skype me RazB2K

hey followers.... i want to apologize for fostering homophobia tweets.. this has nothing to do against my followers...

36 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply » razb2k Skype me RazB2K

a friend told me to fall back.... says it would be wise @EricalanePr

40 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply » MarcusPaulk Marcus Paulk by razb2k

"@chrisbrown: / @razb2k lol" awwwwww lmfao damn

1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply » razb2k Skype me RazB2K

@chrisbrown and his BOO.@AndreMerritt

1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply » razb2k Skype me RazB2K

Fall back @RickyRomance I got this #Womenbeater

1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply » razb2k Skype me RazB2K @

@chrisbrown you steady talking about your career and homothugs but you have yet to respond about your boyfriend @Andre_Merritt

1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply » razb2k Skype me RazB2K

DON'T TRIP @ERICALANEPR this nigga disrespecting me

1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply » razb2k Skype me RazB2K

yo @chrisbrown i heard about all yo BoyFriends &; tell yo cheerleader @1omarion 2 shut the fuck up b4 i send J BOOG 2 fuck HIS MaMa again

1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply » razb2k Skype me RazB2K

Ur not homophobic, ur juz homosexual on the low! RT @chrisbrown I'm not homophobic! He's just disrespectful!!!

1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply » razb2k Skype me RazB2K

@chrisbrown I luv how u resort 2 disrespectful low brow tactics when u clearly sabotaged ur own career by beating women!

1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply » razb2k Skype me RazB2K

@Chrisbrown Do you hit your boyfriend @andre_merritt like you do your women?

1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply » razb2k Skype me RazB2K

RT @ManDown2012 Y ppl gettin mad @razb2k for the comment on @chrisbrown hey its true he diesrespected @rihanna (cont)

5 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply » razb2k Skype me RazB2K @

@uSHOUT_Breezy Actually i recorded the song before @ChrisBrown

5 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply » razb2k Skype me RazB2K

Coffee Break....Hold on Be right back!

5 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply » razb2k Skype me RazB2K

Im just sittin here Thinking how can niggas like @ebenet & @ChrisBrown disrespect women as Intelligent as @HalleBerry11 @Rihanna

5 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply
  Immature, Ridiculous and Stupid
Just to think...I was Raz B's personal assistant for about 15 minutes (real life)!!  Oh how my life would be on another track had I seriously taken that job!!
~smooches ;-)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Deal Breakers

Dating and being in a relationship, both are hard work!  It takes patience, time, effort, compassion, effort, trust, respect, effort, and a special kind of person, among many other adjectives I'm not in the mood to write.  Did I mention effort?  Oh okay...I did!!! LOL! 

In deciding that you want to be with someone and love them for who they are; you also have to decide that you will love yourself FIRST and foremost, and understand your deal breakers!

Deal breakers are the absolutes of any serious relationship you may have.  Without being on one accord with your deal breakers, your relationship is in for a world of trouble, heartache, fights, arguments, trials and tribulations, I mean utterly doomed!  Okay, I'm being dramatic but I'm serious as a heart attack!  Here they my particular order:

1. Religious differences- Are you catholic and he's Jew?!  It matters come Christmas!
2. Moral differences- This could save you trips to jails, clinics, law offices...the whole shaBang! You get it!
3. extreme Social differences- You don't want to feel ostracized for who you are, do you?! 
4. Economic differences- It might not matter what they have...but it definitely matters their GOALS and life-long dreams!

Flirty Thirty!

I had a BLAST for my Flirty Thirty! Lots of dancing, lots of drinking, little drama, lots of laughing, lots of flirting, and lots of questions!!!!  I'll save the answers for those that have direct access to me ;) Because trust and have ASKED! LOL!
All in all; I was happy to see my Sorors, Frat, co-workers, family, new and old friends!!  I saw friends I hadn't seen in years...since highschool (so over 10 years), friends that don't live in the same city or state came down too!!  I was just ultimately satisfied and complete with the night!  I had a BLAST!  So much so; I didn't get to pass out the keepsake shot glasses I had for all the guest!  It was also such a great turn out...the owner of the place gave ME money and wants me to host another party...NOT!  Never again will I work with him!  He can keep his pipe dreams LMAO!!

Obsession versus Love

The dictionary defines an obsession as this...
obsession ob·ses·sion (əb-sěsh'ən, ŏb-)
1. Compulsive preoccupation with an idea or an unwanted feeling or emotion, often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety.
2. A compulsive, often unreasonable idea or emotion.

I'm writing this blog today because many people, maybe even YOU, confuse "love" with obsession!  Maybe you've never been in love, or maybe you've been in past abusive relationships (family, friend, spouse) that now you don't really know what love is supposed to feel like, or maybe you think you've found your soul mate and this particular relationship is heaven-sent!  I don't know, even understand, or want to fathom the reason for said emotions and obsessions, but as always; I've googled it...done alittle research and have come up with my answer to the difference between LOVE and OBSESSION!  Follow along...

In this particular article I read it says there are four phases of an obsessive relationships progression and each one carries unique behaviors.  It's categorized on a wheel in the phases of: attraction, anxiety, destruction and obsession.  They relate these phases to a wheel, because it continually goes on and on like some sort of sick merry-go-round!

In the article they say; this is the initial phase or beginning and can be designated by an instant and/or overwhelming attraction to another person. They say at this point the relationally dependent person becomes "hooked" on a romantic interest, usually resulting from the slightest bit of attention from the person they are attracted to.
Here are the red flags...
• An instant attraction to romantic interest, usually occurring within the first few minutes of meeting.
• An immediate urge to rush into a relationship regardless of compatibility.
• Becoming "hooked on the look" of another, focusing on the person's physical characteristics while ignoring personality differences.
• The beginnings of obsessive, controlling behaviors begin to manifest.

ANXIOUS PHASE:  also known as Phase 2
This turning point, which usually occurs after a commitment has been made between both parties.
Here are the red flags...
• Unfounded thoughts of infidelity on the part of a partner and demanding accountability for normal daily activities.
• An overwhelming fear of abandonment, including baseless thoughts of a partner walking out on the relationship in favor of another person.
• The need to constantly be in contact with a love interest via phone, email or in person.
• Strong feelings of mistrust begin to emerge, causing depression, resentment and tension.
• The continuation and escalation of obsessive, controlling behaviors.

Here is where it becomes unhealthy!!  It is at this point that obsessive behaviors reach a high degree and ultimately overwhelming the total relationship. At this point the person being the object of obsession begins to pull back and ultimately, severs the relationship. This phase, as said by the article, is when the obsessive begins to lose control!
Here are the red flags...
• The onset of "tunnel vision"  The obsessed can't see, think, or maintain without wanting and desiring to be with the other person.
• Neurotic, compulsive behaviors, including rapid telephone calls to love interest's place of residence or workplace.
• Unfounded accusations of "cheating" due to extreme anxiety. (especially if THEY are doing the cheating)
• "Drive-bys" around a love interest's home or place of employment, with the goal of assuring that the person is at where "he or she is supposed to be."
• Physical or electronic monitoring activities, following a love interest's whereabouts throughout the course of a day to discover daily activities.
• Extreme control tactics, including questioning a love interest's commitment to the relationship (guilt trips) with the goal of manipulating a love interest into providing more attention.

It represents the destruction of the relationship, due to obsessive behaviors, which have caused a love interest to understandably flee. For a variety of reasons they say; this is considered the most dangerous phase.
Here are the red flags...
• Overwhelming feelings of depression (feeling "empty" inside).
• A sudden loss of self-esteem, due to the collapse of the relationship.
• Extreme feelings of self-blame and at times, self-hatred.
• Anger, rage and a desire to seek revenge against a love interest for breaking off the relationship.
• Denial that the relationship has ended and attempting to "win a loved one back" by making promises to "change".
• The use of drugs, alcohol, food or sex to "medicate" the emotional pain.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself!  Just a'lil research I thought I'd share   ;) 

For more info on the subject of obsessions; do the research yourself...but if you'd like the link to the article I ya go:

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Single Girl Gem::

Be your OWN self-motivator!!
Stop relying on constant validation from a damn man! (it's sickening)  Plus, you really don't want to give anybody that type of control!

Happy Loving YourSELF

Friday, December 10, 2010

Khrystian Tid-bit

Everyone should want someone that's a TREASURE, not someone random that just any ol' body can have!  Wait for it...(in my Katt Williams voice)

Khrystian Nichole

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Open Discussion

While talking with one of my friends; we had a discussion about finding "someone" you can look at and say, "He's definitely the one!"  Now, to be clear...I have had this type of blog before.  I personally don't know how some people can actually realize when they've found "the one".  That one you want to spend the rest of your life with and have four kids with.  The one you don't mind going through this thing we call life with.  Yeah, that one!

It just seems as if, you don't know just met me!  You don't know if I have quirks that will bug you for all time.  You don't know my background, my beliefs, my religion, where I came from and where I'm going...and I certainly don't know anything about you!!  At least for a year! (There's some debate about my timeline, I know!)  But alas!

The conversation started alittle like this.  I asked her about the flavor of the week she was dating.  Mind you she's been dating him off-again and on-again for approximately 3 years.  However, trust me, the off-again far outweighs the on-again! Anywho!  She said it was going fine, she liked him (gotta stop right here...because THIS is major!)  She or I ever, hardly NEVER say we LIKE someone.  We may say, "he's cool,"  "he aight," "he'll do,"  he's really not my type,"  but we ever, hardly NEVER say we LIKE someone!  So believe me; when she said this.  I put down the phone...changed it to speaker...perched carefully in my seat...all attention on her...and listened...intently!
She went on to say; "He's seemingly an all-around great catch.  He's shown he likes me, I've shown I like him.  He's asked me a few underlying things in conversation about my future...and kind of where "our" future would lead based on what we've been talking about.  I like him...but....I just don't know if he's the one I'm supposed to be with and do I need to be more serious...or do I need to wait it out, because he just might not be, and I'll miss out on the one I'm really supposed to be with.  You know?"

Now, some of you may have been down this road before.  Some of you have on your sour judgemental puss right now.  Some of you are just shaking your head at me and my dear friend, and some of you may wish you could stop reading right now, get to typing a comment and then find out who this friend is so you can give her your very own advice!  Well I'm here to say- Stop it now.  Whatever it is good or bad, cause what's good for the goose is good for the gander.  Everyone has to go through their own life experiences and face their own truths! 

My thing is this.  She's MY I get to tell her! (sticks tongue out) and I did! 

No one is perfect.  The grass is never greener on the other side.  What you may dislike about one will loathe with the next!  This in NO WAY means to settle!!  EVER!  It simple means, you have to be MATURE!  It's also imperative that you know you're breaking-point!  Everybody has their breaking-point and their list of do's and don' matter what you say.  The only thing for her to do, at this point, as to not waste more time (especially if she doesn't want him); is to decide straight-up if she enjoys spending her time with him.  Does his mere sight disgust you? Does he vex you?  Do the two of you have any deal-breakers (and for those that don't know what deal breakers are it's. 1. religious differences  2. moral differences  3. extreme social differences  4. economic differences (I'll blog in detail all about those later)  Is he abusive?Does his good outweigh his bad?  These are things to consider!  If you're just not that in to him...then move on, and keep it stepping, it doesn't matter these deal-breakers.  But, if by chance you do, and there's something there-  See what happens!

You can't live life with the should've, could've would've (s) and you definitely can't live life waiting on the next best may wind up coming up shawt! (short LOL)  Being by yourself and eventually watching "him" walk down the aisle with "her" and all you'll be able to do is cry.  (like my girl Etta James say)

I won't tell you the outcome...I'll keep it for later blog material (wink)!

Khrystian Tidbit

Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit! (stuff my family says)
…and if you do start some shit. Do NOT apologize! (LOSER...that's stuff I say!)

:-)  Happy Holidays!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A December to Remember

The countdown begins of my last few days in my twenties!!

It’s funny, when you’re twelve you don’t think; it’s my last time to say, “Twelve”…or when you’re nineteen, you could give a ding dang dong that you’ll NEVER see your teens again! But for some odd reason (devilish grin here) at 29, reality sets in!! If you don’t watch it, you could go into a major deep-down depression, too! Folks start coming out the woodworks to remind you of how old you are and how much longer, counting down even the last few hours, of the last moments of your twenties you have left! They try and remind you of how things are about to majorly change! It’s like-Ugh, Hello?! Life doesn’t stop at thirty! It only just begins! And it doesn’t stop at 39…when you’re forty another set of life issues, wonderfully good and the dreadfully bad occur! And it surely doesn’t stop at 49! 50 is the half-century mark…you BETTER do it BIG! But heck…the way people have been approaching me about turning 30…I may as well strangle myself now, or go and walk the plank…because once you’ve passed your twenties…it must all go downhill from there! LOL!

And maybe that’s been the case for some people. However, alas, life is what you make it! You can sit and wallow over loved one’s being lost, opportunities being missed, doors slamming in your face, life just not treating you right. But let’s face it- life’s a…well, you know the big b-word I’m referring to!

Well, it is! However, you can’t rely on other people to make things happen for you; you HAVE to do it yourself! You surely can’t rely on someone to make you happy, create happiness or allow vulnerability to allow you to make stupid, irrational decisions! Realize life, as we know it, is not over until that fat a$$ lady sings!

Until you take your last breathe you still got some living to do!

Don’t even get me started on the fact that I’m not married or with child (heck I mean kids) right now!! Holy molley, I must have committed some type of cardinal sin for not having one or the other. Oh. And it amazes me that people have the nerve to think something is really wrong with me for not having kids! EGAD! I mean, in their eyes, forget the husband! It’s like, who? Oh the man you’re supposed to M.A.R.R.Y before jumping in the sack with him and begin procreating!! Yeah! HIM! They could care less about asking if I’m married. The question of the hour is always- (in a matter-of-fact, you –are-some-type-of-leopard way) You ain’t (notice ain’t) got no (notice the double negative) kids?!! (Like I’ve committed blasphemy LOL)

It amazes me.

And when I reply, “No. I’m not married.” Or “My last name hasn’t changed yet.” They look puzzled, frazzled and downright confused! Loll! It’s all good though, I know society has made it that way…but I’m sticking to my guns. You can think what you want to. You can even get offended. Ask me do I care. Go on, ask me.

The answer is NO! Being 29 on my way to thirty with not a true life-altering responsibility in the world, or without baggage, or drama, or bruises and batters, war-wounds, divorces, separations, my name dragged through the mud, or any other imaginable thing you could fathom is pretty darn good to me. I do alright! And I’m feeling JUST FINE about leaving 29! TRUST ME! I’ve had enough fun and the time of my life for eight twenty-year olds! I’m looking forward to what all this hoopla about thirty is! Ready to party like its 1999!! (Clears throat) the year I graduated!

(see ya December 11th)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Randon Rant

It's so easy to get down in the dumps, or have a pity party for yourself...
I have to keep in mind God is in Control- no matter what!  He doesn't bring you into the wilderness to leave you!  He's Just, Mighty, and Merciful, and although we may not know or understand all we go through; He will bring us through it!   I have to remember that no thing I go through is everlasting and if it doesn't kill me, it will indeed make me stronger!  I can not allow minor setbacks to deter me from joy that I should keep within.  There is someone battling something far greater.  There is someone laying in a hospital bed begging and pleading for their life!  There is someone without shelter or food to sustain them through each day! There is someone praying that their next move is the BEST move...
The Storm has to pass!  It can't last!  The sun will shine again!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

What's in a Name?

I just want to know why parents are naming these kids any old thing?  These names aren't phonetically correct or spelled correctly and these poor kids have to go through life explaining how to pronounce their names or giving themselves alternate names just to function in society.  Now, I'm not the name compass of whats right or wrong with folks' names, however; I'm here to tell you:  Stop doing it please!!  I beg of you!  These parents are trying to be creative and unique and are causing kids a lifetime of pain and anguish, not to mention ridicule!
I never noticed this either, until I began working in the public education school system.  I mean, okay...I knew there were these odd-ball names out here...I mean I grew up in the era of the Shameka's, Tameka's, Dameka, MeMeka, Shateka's!  But come on, it's gotten worse.  And the funniest part is that for whatever strange reason, the ding dang on kids have the nerve to get an attitude when you don't get there name right the first time!  Are you serious?!?!  Like, for real, you about to go through life mad at the world for the rest of your life!!  Get REAL!  You may as well wear a name tag but I'm sorry...spelling your name Aerial and saying that you pronounce it Ireland is ludicris and retarded!!  Oh, and get over being called retarded!  No one cares that your feelings get hurt!  Saying retarded is not being insensitive to special needs!!  It's an expression and we can say's America! Freedom of speech and you are RETARDED for spelling your childs name Aerial and expecting it to be pronounced Ireland!

**no one was hurt during the typing of this blog.  Aerial AND Ireland are fictional and any indication or similiarities to someone alive or dead is purely accidental**

OMG Tour

So...if you know know I love Usher Raymond!  So much so, that I've dated a man that was spitting image to him LOL!  (not on purpose, I swear)
I've always known Usher to be a beast performer, but it had been close to 13 years since I last saw him in concert.  What can I say?  WE'VE grown together lol!
I waited to the last minute to get my tickets, which is normally highly unlikely of me, but for whatever reason...I just waited until the day before to get them.  Surprisingly, however, my seats were GREAT!  I got to the concert on time.  I didn't care to see Miguel (sorry new artist) but if I don't know your music, I'm not into you.  I'm sure someone is though. 
Trey Songz
My first impression of Trey Songz was grand.  I loved the countdown of 2 minutes until Mr. Steal Your Girl! Cute!  Now, I must say...many naysayers and lots of folks that have vocal abilities beyond my control have said admantly that Trey can NOT sing.  So, I counted down the 2 minutes expecting the worse.  He began with (my fav) panty dropper!  The bomb.  He would do falsetto's and if you've read my previous blogs, you know I'm a sucker for a grown man and a falsetto!  He also, I must say, has a great smile and boyish good that mos def hasn't hurt his review from me LOL!  He jammed.  He didn't have any glitz or glam and he only stayed on the stage for about 30-45 minutes...but I loved every minute of it.  He sang every song I personally love, so he was ALL GOOD!
The main attraction!  Of course they had to clear the soon as the lights went down and flurry of dancing men came onto the stage reminding me of an Alpha step routine!  Then came fireworks and a great boom!  Usher hit the stage.  Well actually hit the center of the toyota center and came from the ground to the sky (the bomb)  This man danced and sang his way through the air on a platform, lowered onto the stage, and kept dancing and flying through the air all as he sang!!
He then gave a tribute to the late, great Micheal Jackson (like no other could)  He dubbed himself Mr. Steal Your Wife and might I add...his dancers?!  Well let's just say...those women had me wanting to get my lil' self home, stretch and practice some new routines honey!  They were the bomb!  Oh, and Ms. Trenise...I am totally jealous of you on that stage during trading places...heffa!  Lol!  Just kidding! 
Just when you thought the show was over and he took position back into the ain't over!  He began to pay homage to all his fans that have been ride or die for the past 18 years of his career, "this ain't a comeback," he says.  Then begins to play EVERYTHING you could imagine...all the great hits and number one collabos! He gave it to us and then some!  He ended with bad girl, confessions and of course....OMG!!So hats off to an awesome oh my gosh tour!  I loved it!

7 Habits of a Highly In-Effective CHEATER!

This list is not partial to men or to women.  It goes either way, for both genders.  It's simply a list I put together based on factual experiences, stories, tales and true life antics I've seen, heard and just down-right want to share!

7. They disappear for unexplainable time periods.
6. They can't or won't hold specific conversations with specific people in front of you.
5. They're defensive when you inquire about anything.
4. Habits change.
3. They get "new" found friends.
2. You find yourself in arguments and debates with them that have absolutely NO value.
**See below for explainations**

#7-Being sleep or losing your phone are the two most prized and overused excuses for the unexplainable time periods.  You might also be familiar wuth the infamous..."I was working late!" LOL!

#6-This one is tricky.  Maybe they don't feel like talking or maybe it's rude to speak about certain things at specific times.  Leave this particular one to your discretion.  There has to be A TIME when they CAN talk and you are around.  And when they do talk and it's more so listening than talking...radar UP please, that's a Highly Effective Habit of a CHEATER!  Short answer; yes and no, mmhhmm, uh-hu...does not make a conversation! 

#5- I mean, you can't even inquire about the weather and the idiot wants to chop your head off, as if you said something wrong!  This habit also falls under Sir Isaac Newton's 3rd law of thermodynamic energy (for my fellow science buffs) They will try and transfer energy.  Good or bad they will do it!  That just also means, if they're doing wrong; they'll try and make you feel guilty.  Switch-a-roo and such and such!  And you won't even realize it until you've gained 20 pounds or your savings account is at zero... LOL!

#4- Duh!  All of a sudden they love to go OUT and watch the game instead of stay in.  They love to shop for new lingerie peices!  They have "new" resturants, fragrances, meals and "tricks" up their sleeve they want to share with you or maybe not share...just tell you about it!

#3- Low and behold, there's this "new" friend they spend time with.  They have "new" things to talk about and "new" work to get done.  "New" interests and "new" information.  There ain't no such thang as "NEW".  Take it from me!

#2- Jokes, fun and games are a thing of the past; as you find yourself arguing, fussing and fighting over the smallest details.  A discussion about which resturant to go to turns into an all-out war and the next thing you know (surprise) you sitting at home eating a happy meal with no damn cheese, still hungry, but too mad to get more food...and where are they?! OUT!  (cuz y'all "upset" with each other)

#1- Please!  Let's stop pretending we don't already know when the relationship has gone down hill!  Or when a roving eye has changed the game!  You already know!  You didn't need me to put up the 7 Highly Effective Habits of a CHEATER.  It's already known by you!  Besides...the cheater is the only FOOL that truly believes they are getting away with something!  It always comes back to bite them in the arse (as my Uncles say!)

Love ya! 
Happy Loving somebody that loves you back!  There's HOPE!

Credits must be paid to the following:
Two Can Play That Game
I Think I Love My Wife
Martin Lawrence You So Crazy
He's Just Not That Into You
Family and Friends for your never-ending stories
Muah (myself) for my keen common sense that God gave me and my parents nurtured!

Fresh Fest!

Despite the misuse of a friendship from a particular person that will remain nameless...I had a great time at the Fresh Fest!!  I did arrive late and got to the concert just as Kid n' Play were hitting their famous dance duet!  So all was right with the world!  I think by far Naughty By Nature did the best as far as the show is concerned.  Treach has NOT changed.  That body is still right!! LOL!  A highlight for me was being able to communicate with them via twitter after the show!  I suppose twitter is a vast and resourceful tool for communicating through social networking!  Who would've thunk it?!  Vinny made the announcement to follow the group on twitter...I did...he responded...and then followed me back!  Cool! Salt n' Pepa, who I thought to be the headliner did alright!  Age has caught up with them.  The dance routines they did were sort of played and tired.  Sorry!  I love them don't get me worng...but with love comes honesty!  I tell ya' tour only rap!  Hire some choreographers and dancers to do the entertainment portion!  Heck!  Call me...I'm available!!!
The most interesting portion of the show was at the end when Salt had a come to Jesus meeting.  I'm all for prayer and me I am, however; it was ackward to say the least.  And her prayer of choice was to blast Kirk Franklin's Stomp as everyone was leaving the arena.  Mmmmmm, just something that makes you go...
I loved, loved, loved the interludes of old school music they played!  Brought back memories that I must say were bitter-sweet.  On one hand I reminised and thought back to happier times and on the other hand I reminised and thought back on happier times!  I almost cried right there in the arena in and around the midst of all those people.  It just seemed sad how life goes on...with or withOUT you, life goes on!  It made me want to cherish any and everybody I could think of.  I'm a softy like that!

P.S- Mad Hatta and Chilli Bill-Stay OFF the stage trying to get the crowd ready for the next act!!  We'd prefer music...please and thanks!

~These are My Confessions~

Listening to Usher's Confessions song made me want to write out mine...although they're not really deep, intoxicating or incrimminating confessions (trust and believe, no blog posts gets that good); it's just things specific to me (I also took some of it from a note I wrote from my facebook a little while back)  Here it goes~

1. I say totally inappropriate things just because I can and it's funny to me.
2. I'm a sucker for a grown man that can sing in falsetto. (mmmhhmm)
3. I don't like new people. 
4. At night I slather on vaseline and put on thick socks to keep my feet soft.
5. Up until about 6 months ago I didn't like oatmeal.  Now, because of starbucks, I'm addicted and go every morning to get the 'perfect oatmeal' for $2.65 (tax included)  Yesterday I went twice!
6. I'm asked about my nationality all the time, so because of this, I've considered practicing an accent or another language to begin the charade.
7. I dip french fries in vanilla milkshakes.
8. I randomly use movie phrases in conversations and only two of my close buddies every realise when I do it.
9. I DESPISE "girls night" events. Ironic that I'm in a sorority and a ladies club, huh?!
10. ...which leads right into my next confession of loving the company of males...boyfriends, male friends; give me a hard head over a chick, no pun intended!
11. I used to want to be a stand-up comedian.
12. I get nervous around too many black folks.
13. I cut the rind off oranges and eat them like apples.
14. I'm a loner.
15. I'm a cry-baby...especially when I don't get my way!!
16. I can't stand when people are too touchy feely.  You don't have to touch me to speak to me.
17. In my car, you may hear the most angelic gospel lyrics ever...or you may hear the most raunchiest, down right nastiest lyrics ever. Only a certain few been with me when I'm playing dj! (don't judge me!)
18. People get on my nerves OFTEN being in my space or my business and I can't stand when a person tells you to smile.  I mean what major jerk-off is walking around smiling ALL day!
19. I've inquired about the precise cup size and measurements for breasts in the event I get up the nerve to be a playboy bunny!
20. I want to see a therapist.
21. I hold grudges.
22. I'm addicted to caffeine.
23. Blogging is my therapy.
24. I'm in love with a stipper.  JUST KIDDING!!
25. Don't let my dimples, pretty lil' face or sweet lil' demeanor fool ya'...I will do the fool or get to BLOWING up on your a$$ (as Kandi from RHOA said LOL-but for REAL)
I'll do a bonus to make it 25 since I played on one!
26. I'm sick and tired of people whose names begin with any letter but "K" name their kids with a name that begins with "K"!  Y'all taking all the good baby-names!!  Lol!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!  Enjoy Life!  Be Thankful!! No matter what your situation looks or feels like...Be THANKFUL!!

Khrystian Nichole

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gift or a Curse?!

Intuition!  I'm seriously wondering; if it's a gift or a curse to know people, things and or situations in advance like I do!  I haven't figured it out yet.  Well, I haven't figured out if I love it or hate it.  It's like that expensive suede outfit that you got at one point in life that is now hanging in your closest and has been for the longest because you simply have no real need for it.  Waste of money, bad decision, or was it just purely premature thinking and one day very soon it'll come in handy and you'll wear it.  Because after all; it is fly!  Following me?
Sometimes I love the fact that I can read people's body language, actions and read between the lines to know what someone is "getting at" or what they possibly are trying to "get over"!  It surely keeps me on my toes and I'm always ready for their next move.  It also keeps me grounded and prepared for MY next move.  I just listen to a person talk and run all around doing them.  I let them feel like they're telling me something "new"  'cause let's face it- that's what they believe they're doing. LOL! However, I can never just BE!  I know things before they happen and more often than not, play it out in my head and have de'ja' vu when it finally does.  It's exhausting to look at someone that thinks they're bs'ing you and know right from the jump where the conversation's headed.  It's down-right insanity to have to listen to someone tip-toe and tap-dance all around a subject you know they should have spilled the beans about days before. 
Sometimes I find myself having an attitude with the person before they even get the chance to be or do the fool!  It's exhausting, I tell ya' and I mean it!
Knowing people.  Like the good book says, there's nothing new under the sun.  It's true.  I've been there and done that with so many people and's like, okay...on to the next one please and thank you.  They're boring me!  What's really hilarious is when the person that you KNOW you know, really and truly thinks they're different.  They can't tell that they're transparent and predictable.  They honestly believe they're doing something different, or have broken the mold on "getting over"  It's really pitiful, to say the least!  Sometimes I pray to the good Lord and say, "Father, get this idiot away from me." or "Lord, please in Jesus' name, remove this from around me."  But yet and still sometimes I'm privy to the situation and I find myself calling people out!  I have to.  These people BOTHER me!  Maybe it's just me...maybe no one else goes through this...but I tell you 9 times out of 10, I'm right on the money with my intuition, or I'll call it; my great and wonderous ability to see right through ya'!  You know who you are too if you are this type of individual...and most people recognize you....we just don't always have the energy to deal with ya'.  If you know me and you're this type of person...if I haven't dismissed you yet and I'm keeping you's merely for entertainment! LOL!  Seriously though!  It makes my day brighter knowing your next move and playing on it like my very own stage play!  Besides, where else would I get my blog material!?!

Knock Off that Holiday Weight!

Brought to you by Crowd Pleasers Entertainment where; "Crowds watch us dance to see beauty and be Entertained; we DANCE to Please them!" Visit us on the web!

The holidays are fast approaching and with that said HEALTH, being our number one assest and liability, should be taken in to account!  The holiday time is feastive, fun and full of family, friends and plates of fabulous food...however; you can enjoy yourself and partake in all the yummy treats and eats without worrying about the dreaded New Year resolution of hitting the gym full force on January 1st!  Here are a few tips and quickies to help stay FIT and in your favorite jeans from November through January...that we really should practice all year! :-)

1. WALK briskly around the shopping centers.
          On "black Friday" and any other day your traveling through the malls or grocery stores; move       fast...breathe in and out.  Keep that heart beating fast with the excitement of the holidays!
2. Take the stairs instead of elevators.
          Very useful!  Keeps your legs toned and that butt tight!
3. Don't fall right to sleep after a meal.
          As tempting as it is-Don't do it!  Take that time to take the kids to the park, or a walk around the neigborhood, or dance!!  Nothing wrong with putting on a great cd or the radio and creating your very own soul train line.  Learn some new moves!  Crowd Pleasers Entertainment has a great line-dance cd ready for you to purchase for days of dancing fun!
4. Use everyday chores as a regiment!
          You'd be surprised as how much energy is used on everyday household chores!  Arm curl thoses and pot pans!  Sweep, mop or vacuum the floor with deep, elongated arm thrusts.  Wiping windows...wax and wan 10 times each!  It works!!
5. Drink plenty of water!
          Take bottles with you if you have to, but remember to drink them.  For every juice, soda or alcoholic beverage you it down with the same volume of water!  Stay hydrated!
6. Balance and Moderation.
           You truly don't need 3 slices of cake, or that triple helping of dressing!  Eat and drink in moderation.  Don't eat to get full.  If you find yourself wanting mid-night snacks; instead of another slice of pie, get a serving of fruit salad or simply eat a peice of fruit!
7. Bundle up and enjoy the weather.
          Go outside and play kickball, shoot hoops, throw a ball around, hop-scotch.  Think back to your favorite holidays games and hop to it.  Get'er done!  You'll feel great and have a blast doing it!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Customer Service is for S.H.I.T!!

I'm sorry customer service is doing the damn fool!!  What are these representatives learning during the "supposed" training?!  For as long as I've been a consumer (and that's been forever) the level of dedication towards customer service has diminished year by year!  We've moved away from-the customer is always right to; customer get the heck out of our store unless you're making an obsene purchase!  If you have a question about your product, service or merchandise, please consult someone who gives a damn!
We've lost customer appreciation and concern for clients that are spending their hard-earned, or not so hard at times, money in your establishment.  You barely get a hello when you walk in.  The worker...associate...barista...specialist, whatever "valuable" title they're giving themselves nowadays is so engrossed in their own conversation via cell phone, or employee to employee, or even relationship (boyfriends, husbands, wives, girlfriends) on the job!!  I'll give you some examples and I will be calling out these so-called "wonderful" establishments!  Feel free to comment and add to my list:

Starbucks:  A line of four is standing at your register.  Four baristas are standing behind the counter.  One is looking down, diligently fixing drinks, one is slowly (and I do mean slowly) attempting to complete a transaction with a gift card.  The other two are standing around talking to another employee, that is off for the day, discussing the schedule.  Mind you, the ones that have a uniform on, are on the clock.  Hello?!  Get to work.  Starbucks is known for being the McDonald's of coffee houses.  Get you in, get you out...find out your preference of coffee, write your name on a cup and keep it moving.  But not this one!  No way, no how.  They're standing around and after about 10 minutes realize the line isn't moving, so one of the two standing around decides to help your fellow baristas!
Cache:  Never a dull moment in cache, as I love the clothes, however; hate their customer service, so I've NEVER returned after my last experience...I enter in cache.  Ready to spend my money and I look around there is not one, not even ONE customer associate on the floor!  They could have been robbed blind, so boosters-There ya' go!  Don't say I never did anything for you!  These mofo's had the nerve to leave me on the floor, for...well, I don't remember; but it was long enough for me to do a complete lap around the store (and said people know how long that is) and then choose outfits to try on.  Then actually go to the back where the dressing rooms are and low and behold out comes this young her personal CELL PHONE, talking swiftly as if she was Wendy Williams giving the latest information to the other-end caller.  She swayed me to the back, and ushered me into the dressing room, all while never missing a beat in her conversation.  Here's the gist of the convo-she and boyfriend live together, or at least shared a place and his family was coming down for the weekend, namely the mother because she said she didn't want her to stay there.  She ws complaining about the boyfriends needy family and how she's stressed.  Clearly the friend on the other end told her to call the boyfriend and explain her frustration.  And wouldn't you know!  She did just that!  When I got out of the dressing room (by now, only staying in the store out of complete curiousity, er, ok, noseyness)  she was on the phone with the boyfriend, in tears, shouting.  There were mid break-up or something.  I don't know!  All I know is when she got off the phone, she felt the need to give me the 4 uno uno. 
Kay Jewelers:  Hello?!  Aren't you supposed to address clients by the last name, preceded by a Mr. or Mrs.?  For those unsure...allow me to train you!  Hell YES!  It's always Mr. or Mrs. when first speaking with the customer or perhaps Sir or Madam.  I mean, by all means, definitely don't fudge up on the pronounciation of their name. 
BeBe:  It doesn't matter which damn BeBe you purchase something from.  You have the right as a consumer to exchange or return if the merchandise doesn't fit.  Who the hell thinks one bebe is different from another. is more work for you.  That's your job.  Retag it, or send it to the appropriate location!
Small Ma' and Pop Sign Shop in League City:  Please hire someone to work at your front desk that is qualified to answer customer questions about your services and policies.  You'r elosing hefty business.  That is All!
I could go on, but I'm exhausted with the lack of personalization and customer concern in the world.  Being a business owner myself and coming from a family of multiple successful business owners; I'll leave you with this!
 Stick with the BASICS!
  1. Don't be in such a hurry that you do a double, even triple transaction!
  2. Don't call customers or clients by their name if you don't know how to pronounce it or by the wrong name.
  3. Do call in for a personal day, if your attitude is fudged up.
  4. Do spell and grammar check any and ALL written correspondence.
  5. Do keep a smile on your face.
  6. Don't complain or bad-mouth ANYTHING in front of customers!
...and this concludes your BASIC Customer Service Khrystian-Tidbits Training 101.  Thank you for tuning in!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Jerry Wayne Brown-Jackson

My Uncle Jerry is in a better place now, so, I won't mourn the loss of his fun-loving spirit; I'll celebrate his LIFE instead.  God saw fit to share him with us; his infectious laughter, his sharp-tongue, and larger than life heart.  He fought a Good fight until his last breath, surrounded by loved one's until the very end just the way he wanted it!  I wouldn't change not one moment I've shared with him, and especially not the last hours I spent with him in THIS life.  To his friends, thank you for ALL you have done to support my Uncle, whether it was a silent thought, a fond memory, a quick chuckle, a visit to the hospital or an uplifting prayer, he was truly loved by everyone that met him!
Ganny's head can be held up high, as she was highly blessed to witness his alpha and omega, his first breath and his last!  Your job is done, as he was a respectful man that believed in God and never departed from your teaching.  Mommy and Uncle Tony, you have to continue to have the courage to be strong as his siblings and the future of our family.  You already know he would be all up in you arse (as he would say) if you were actin' ignant (smile)!  Kisha, Alana and Duncan; blood is thicker than water, I love you more than anything and I'm always here no matter the distance or the time!  Know that you don't ever have to feel alone or be in need!  I would do anything to protect and support my family!  God's will is done and we walk by faith and not by sight, because of that; we know my Uncle Jerry is amongst the angels (up in the middle telling jokes being the "life of the party", no doubt)  No matter what I know he's FINALLY resting in eternal peace!  pictured below with our cousin Michelle -Thanksgiving, 2008

November 5, 1949-October 7, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Moral Fiber of America (part 1)

Okay!  I wasn't going to engage in this Tom Foolery of a discussion:  BUT now I AM!
Since when did making a mockery of your integrity, esteem, and least of ALL family name get to be acceptable! 
Montana Fishburne, daughter to the great actor, Laurence (or to some Larry) Fishburne has decided to forsake her family namesake and become Chippy D a vivid (no pun intended) entertainment actress to the porn industry.  When I first heard the story I had a shake my head moment-not because she decides to bear her oochie wallie wallie on the small screen, but for this PYT's 19-year old reasoning behind partaking in such a pursuit.  She aspires to be a BIG name like Kim Kardashian!!
She wants the fame and money and, er...I suppose notoriety of having sex on camera and getting paid, plus endorsements, plus fans, not to mention the advantage of becoming an idol and one of America's 50 most beautiful people!  
I have to say; this is a sad, sad case!  Not because of what she wants to do, how she wants to do it, or even why she wants to do it; but the moral behind the story, at least for me!  Let's face it-sex is inevitable.  It makes the world go round!  It gets given, sold, taken, tested, tried, played with...I mean any verb you can imagine...I'm pretty sure sex can be equated with it.  It's been around forever, and I'm not talking about love making, or baby making...I'm talking about whorehouses, strip clubs, brothels, bordellos, cathouses, gentlemen's clubs, the list could go on...and please don't pretend to not know about them!  Our modern Hugh Hefner, Ron Jeremy, Paris Hilton, Mr. Marcus, Heidi Fleiss....enough!  These things have been going on a long time.  
There's nothing new under the sun!  However, there used to be decorum about these things.  It used to be shameful and disgraceful for you to desire these jobs.  If you engaged in the activities, you kept it from your in don't ask, don't tell.  People still are shunned  by their families for such acts, to this day.  So my blog is not to frown upon this child.  She clearly needs guidance and support.  My blog is to ask the question, "What does our country deem important and successful?  Are the moral fibers and scrouples gone?  Are we lacking clear and intentional guidance for ourselves?" 
There used to be a time when young kids aspired to be CEO's, doctors, lawyers, dentists, teachers, coaches, accountants.  Now, they desire to immulate video vixens, porn stars, hip-hop artist, gigolos, baby mamas.   It's insane!  Adults are no better!  I'm sorry, but just because you see Nicki Manaj wearing a two piece bikini in the club on a video with red and yellow hair, does not mean that's the new trend.  You idiot it's called entertainment!! (Okay sorry, you're not an idiot.  No need for me to name call!  But you do need a reality punch in the damn face!)  Some things are for TV and the WOW factory.  Some things are for advertisement and trend-setting, but come-on now!!
Okay sorry, I digress...anywho, all I'm saying is we (Americans) need to stop glorifying demoralizing people, topics, situations and things.  Justin wanted to bring sexy back!  Well, I want to bring self-respect BACK!  Respect for authority, respect for elders, respect for education, respect for people, respect for property, respect for values, respect for God, respect for LIFE!

*Stay tuned* There's MORE*

What Type of Life Are You Leading?

What type of life are you leading if you're surrounded by criminals?  What type of life are you leading placing yourself in compromising positions?  What type of life are you leading if your head is bowed so low you don't see the blessings God has for you?  What type of life are you leading engulfed in turmoil?  What type of life are you leading with your nose in the air?  What type of life are you leading sacrificing everything for a career that's not going anywhere?  What type of life are you leading keeping up with the Joneses?  What type of life are you leading wallowing in drama?  What type of life are you leading pretending to be someone you're not?What type of life are you leading throwing it all away?  What type of life are you leading being open-minded?  What type of life are you leading harboring resentment?  What type of life are you leading wishing on a star?  What type of life are you leading being a rolling stone? What type of life are you leading risking it all?  What type of life are you leading having a forgiving heart?  What type of life are you leading spreading yourself thin?  What type of life are you leading playing mind games?  What type of life are you leading giving back to the community?  What type of life are you leading swallowing your pride?  What type of life are you leading putting sinful ways aside? What type of life are you leading working for God?

~Just something thought-provoking that was in my spirit to write!  Whether we choose to believe it or not, our actions speak volumes about our character.  Each and everything we do from the moment life is given to us leaves a path.  What is your life leading?  Who is your life leading? What even leads your life?  Would you want to FOLLOW?!
Khrystian Nichole

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Broke, Busted and Disgusted!

LMAO!  I have to laugh (real hard) out loud as I write the title to this post.  A friend of mine always says that...and each time she does, it just tickles me!  LOL!  Today's blog has to do with "people" that like to offer advice about everything.  From living to finances.  They are the one's always telling you what you should be doing or how you should be doing it...and you know what?!  They are not in any type of authority to do so!  Meaning they are broke, busted and disgusted!  They don't have their life together or they're not making any strides to do so, but yet they have the nerve to tell you where to go and how to get there!
Truly they need to sit the H. E. double hockey sticks down!!
Believe me-I am a firm believer of not re-inventing the wheel, and I truly believe in the mantra; "If you want what I got, do what I do."  Those are true statements.  You should have people in and around your life that are successful and/or doing things you consider worthy of praise to look up to and receive advice from!  And if they are truly successful; they have no problem offering advice when asked or giving you pointers.  Let;s be clear! I am not talking about them.  I'm speaking about the idiots that, "hate you cause they ain't you"!  They're consistently struggling in life and can't stand the fact that you're in a better and greater position than them.  They won't say these things or act any certain way specifically, but they are the true frienemies. (read my previous blog about frienemies)
They compare themselves to you at your age and tell you all about what they were doing at the age you're at but then be 40, 50, 60, heck maybe older and doing the same things you're doing.  Having the same struggles and hardships!  (i.e. first time home-buyer, no kids, no spouse, no formal education, etc.)
*Advice is great, especially when someone has "been there done that"...but NOT if they're STILL there and doing it!*
Cases in point:
1. An older "friend" tells you how you should be spending your money and what you should be doing with it. i.e (buy a car)  They're telling you to buy a car, or ragging (do people still say that word?) on you for not having a brand new car or up-to-date car, yet the car they drive (if they even have one) is not in their name; because their credit is so smoked off all they are eligible for is pre-paid debit cards and they couldn't afford to buy a cash car if their life depended on it.
2. You live at home or with a relative. (like, keep it real...most do!)  Some people just "stay" with somebody because they can't or won't get their own place, and some people choose to do it because they are financially able to do whatever it is they want. (whatever!) They are telling you how badly you need to be in your own place or that you're not independent!  You're too dependent, they say.  Well, they aren't even living in a house they bought, or even an apartment of their own; they are staying, either with a live-in boy/girlfriend, or a place that a family member just allows them to live in.  Or my personal fave...they always have to borrow money just to make their mortage or rent!  Okay, so you don't borrow money for mortage or rent, but you struggling to make your ends meet every month and robbing Peter to pay Paul.  How dependent is that?!
3. (Everybody's favorite!)  The single-ass person that wants to let you know what they would or wouldn't put up with if they were you.  How much they'd be out of the relationship if they, "did me like that", or "said that to me".  Of course it is the eternal bachelor that always has something to say.
4. You don't cook as often as they claim they cook.  But in actuality; the food they cook comes into a hard eighth place up against Alpo, the dog food, and they have the nerve to tell you, you need to learn how to cook and cook more often! 

~Just because you make a baby doesn't make you a good parent.
~Just because you have a job doesn't make you an invaluable asset to the company.
~Just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean it's a good one or that you're spouse is in it with you. (ouch!)
~Just because you went to school doesn't mean you're smart.
~Just because you learned about it doesn't mean you know it.
~Just because you write a blog doesn't make you a writer (stepping on my toes...I can handle it LOL!)
~And just because you have a voice and an opinion doesn't mean someone wants to hear it!

All I'm saying is...worry about yourself.  Sweep around your own front porch, before you come trying to mop mine!  And lastly. Get a Life!

Khrystian Nichole

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Yes, I work there. Hell no, you can't!

Excuse the title...used for emphasis.
I was having a thought to myself a few weeks back.  I placed those thoughts onto twitter...and it's funny how the conversation came up today; which is the reason for this blog.  Entitlement:  Complete strangers (or people you don't talk to often) thinking it's perfectly okay to ask for sh%t.
There are people in the world, whom you don't really, truly know; however, they may know you through a parent, cousin, sister-in-laws nephew, or grandparents friend of 50 years and they feel as if they are entitled to contact you for any perk of life that you are accessible to.  I'll break this down to an actual occurance.
I used to work in radio...shouldn't be any surprises there since my bachelor of arts is in radio and television.  At the radio stations, I worked in several different areas from; national sales, promotions to the street team.  While working at a radio station, of course you get perks.  Tickets to concerts, parties, exclusive events, yada, yada, yada!  It's no surprise or secret.  Well of course, people will come out of the wood works to contact you and ask for things.  Case in point:
I was driving along, minding my own business one day, when I recieved a call from an unknown number.  Unknown being that it wasn't saved in my phone, so I didn't know who to expect on the other end of the line.  I answered...because hell, it's my phone (I'll blog on my opinion of not answering certain calls later...because oh, do I have an opinion!)  When I answered, "Hello."  The caller on the other end (for the purpose of this blog will call them Gucci) calls out my name, "Khrysti."  (like I'm not supposed to be answering my phone...any who)  "Yes," I say.  "Hey, this is Gucci."  "Who?!"  I ask bewildered.  "Gucci," they reply, "Remember me, I'm you're mom and aunt's (we'll say aunt as to not disclose the perpertrator) friend.  How you doing?"  She continues, as if that's supposed to make me remember.  However, I indulge in the conversation still not quite knowing who in the world I'm talking to.  So I say, "okay...Hi." "I was calling because I know you work at the radio station and I heard an advertisement for this Bow Wow concert for next weekend.  Prada's (of course the name's not Prada) just loves Bow Wow, she's a huge fan girl, and I was seeing if you could get me a few (not one, not two, but a few) tickets to see Bow Wow in concert.(and of course she means for free, at my expense) Girl, she would be so excited, you know."
~Now of course she kind of kept on going, making sure to continue telling me what a huge fan this child was.  Of course it would make her year.  However, of course I have a younger brother...Hello?! that is about the same age as your child.  You would think if I do have a ticket, or in her case, a few tickets...HE would be the first to get them.  Also, considering I don't know you, and I'm still wondering how in the world you got my number?  Please, don't call me again out of the blue, asking for free tickets to any event!  In this case; I politely told her I don't have any available tickets and that my suggestion to her was to go online or call ticketmaster before the concert sold out or something.  ~

I mean do you believe the audacity of some people?!  It's different, if you know the person, or if you've already extended the invitation to them.  It then becomes acceptable to call you or inquire about something you want to be apart of or know.  But goodness, it's just plain tacky and uncooth to contact someone you hardly speak to or see on a daily basis asking for favors and THINGS!  The sad part of it (and I don't think this happened in this case) but people feel entitled to get whatever it is they ask for from you.  Whether it be friend or foe, relative or someone you hardly know.  If you don't come through for them, or give them what they ask for; you then become so kind of enemy to them.  You think you "too good" to help them or give them something.  I mean wake up people.  No one's entitled to give you, share with you or help you with anything.  It's just really sad that there's that word entitlement, that sets up some sort of standard for you to feel obigated to. 
Happy giving folks!  It's been awhile but I'm back for the Jump-Off!

~i love~

for those of you that frequent my blog you are; family, a loved one, an old friend, a classmate, more than likely someone that has touched my life in one way or another no matter how small, or at the very least a complete stranger. i answer to khrysti, khrys, khrystian nichole, ms. cunningham, and chocolate princess. (LOL). you might hear me referred to as khryssy, khrys-ah, bookie, or lil' kathy.  someone once called me silk.  they call me k-digga. chocolatte. black barbie. onyx pearl. cheerio. and sho'nuff!  at any given time you will hear me SKEEEEEEEEEE-WEE. i can almost guarantee at a party you will find me dropping it like it's hot and throwing back shots. (LOL) that's me.  if you don't know me for dancing, then you don't know me at all!  i have dance fever, the music's in my soul! 
i love GOD, His many blessings, the trials and tests He puts me through, His unmerited favor and His multitude of tender mercies.  i love my life; even when i feel like there's a storm cloud over just my head. 
i love ice cream. i love deaisha.  i love mdjII.  i love to laugh.  i love my family.  i love to love and to be loved.  i love my mama's gumbo.  i love basketball and football.  i live to make my family proud and to please God.  i love every single one of the 69 i.v.i.e.s. of conspiracy.  i love romance.  i love now and laters.  i love to smell marc jacobs, micheal, cashmere mist, be delicious, no. 5 and creed.  i love chocolate-caramel-pecan covered apples.  i love to sing songs that i make up and probably only sound good to me.  i love texas.  i love sundays.  i love to write poetry.  i love to go and listen to it.  i love for a man to sing to me.  i love to read cosmo mag.  i love music, especially r&b and old school.  i love the holidays.  i love a confident and cocky man,  i love the book of ephesians.  i love to travel.  i love listening to live music.  i love football season.  i love massages.  i love tight hugs.  i love hurricanes from boudreaux's.  i love going to concerts that are like parties.  i love when my dreams come true.  and most of all i love waking up to a new day knowing that God has my best interests at heart even when i fall short of His glory!

*Breaking News*

Shaquille O'Neal is going to the Celtics!!  It's official as of todayBoo to Shaq!
On that note; I am officially NO LONGER a fan of the Celtics!  Of course, my absence will neither make or break the team nor it's brand.  However, I felt the need, on my blog, to put it out there.  This change to the Celtics roster just brings me closer and I might add, less guilty, of cheering for the Miami Heat during the season.  I have nothing personally against Shaq, the times I've met him he's been decent.  It's ALL about the game.  I don't care for him as a player.  NEVER been a fan!  I think he's trash! Sorry!
Au Revoir Celtics (my beloved K. G., Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Nate, Rondo....the list could go on, but I must bid you peace and blessings)
It was fun and full of memories!  Now I must go to Miami and give my support there!

*I change teams like the weather.  And I usually follow players and not necessarily the franchise.  What do you expect I'm a girl! LOL!*

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Don't Get Mad, Get EVEN!

If and when someone says you're not cut out for something, or you're not good enough for something or someone~Prove them WRONG!  Don't get mad, infact smile!  It confuses you're enemies.  Yes, they're enemies, because if someone's not for you; they're against you.  If they don't know about it, now friends; they're not against you.  Or if they support you, but maybe don't agree with you or they're not on the fighting lines with you; they're not necessarily your enemy (smile here)  I just don't want folks running around thinking everyone's their enemy!  Hahaha!
Anywho, you should know what I mean!  The point is.  Don't allow people to steal, kill or destroy your dreams and positive thoughts!  You own them!  No one can deny the power thereof.  Be a fighter for what you want or believe in.  Because if you don't believe in yourself; who the hell will?!?!?

Like Nike said, Just Do It!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Khrystian Tid-bit

Go for IT!  Do the impossible and be Enthusiastic about it! Happy Make IT Happen Monday!

Monday, June 28, 2010

NEVER really single!

Okay ladies and gentlemen: Over the age of 25, you're NEVER really single.  You may not be in a monogamous relationship, but as much as when you first meet someone, you proclaim, "I'm single!"  You're NOT!  There are loose-ends, off again-on again relationships, honey dips, cutty buddies, booty calls, "friends", and we can't forget the oh-so-popular PROVERBIAL rebound!  Call them any name you want, other than "significant other", but trust me; you have them.  And I say them, because for some of us; there are more than just one!
This person, to whom you are actually involved with (no matter how infrequent) is the person(s) that you ignore the moment you call yourself trying to assume a new relationship with someone else.  They are the person, more than likely, that doesn't know about your infatuation with the new "boo".  They are usually last to find out, especially when it comes to just how serious you are with the new "boo".  Heck, sometimes they don't find out until the facebook photoalbum of your nuptials!!  EGAD!

You may engage the loose-end or elude to the fact that you've taken an interest in someone other than them (and by that I mean through ignoring calls, not so available behavior, irritability, any bizarre changed behaviors, inadequaces in bed, or just totally not into them in bed, etc.,) however, you still continue to dangle the bait (call every now and again, send a nude pic, send a "lovely" email or text informing them of how much you love, admire, respect and miss them, evasiveness, ommission of details, treat them to brunch, drinks, etc.)...because let's face don't know how far you'll actually get with your new "boo".  They may turn out to be so totally not the one, and rather than risk being...dare I say string your loose-end along for the ride.  Is this fair?  I think NOT, but is it realistic...mos DEF!

Speaking to one of my married friends, I indulged her in this conversation of witts...shortly.  A great catch...sure they're out there, they may even be "single", but I'm sure behind EVERY "single", "available", "great catch" there is a loose-end that needs to be tied up (knotted, cut, and dead-bolted pulease!) at least before you indulge into a fresh and new relationship.  Take it from me; tested, tried and true, it tremendously saves on confusion, ackwardness, hurt feelings, long-term issues and the inevitable break-up.

GOOD dating is so enjoyable, fun, motivating, and ALL that other good stuff, and NO!, please don't tell each person you date about the other person/people you date (that's just plain old goofy!) You date as many as as often as you like...umm hello?! Take it from me!  However, when you change the game and make it into a monogamous relationship, your loose ends need to be cut off. 

Single?!  Be single...the test to see if you're REALLY single or not; is if you don't have ANY explainatioms to give to NOT one person!  But guess what?! After 25!  You're NEVER really single...unless of course you live in cave and haven't ever had any type of relationship in you're life!  Go figure! "  (wicked grin)

Happy Not Really "Single" LOL!

Write 'Em Down!

Goals!  How many of us have them?!  Hopefully, we all do.  Take some time to write yours down.  Watch how quickly that small affirmation, can begin to offset and turn some things around for you.  God gives us the desires of our heart, so surely what's for you is for YOU!  (my mom's favorite thing to say)  This world is BIG and GRAND!  There's room enough for everyone's success!!

There's your dose of positive energy from me to you!  Take it!  Run with it!  It's your's!  Ignite!

Here's to chasing your DREAMS!
Khrystian Nichole

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Juneteenth!

Juneteenth, also known as Emancipation Day, is a holiday in the United States (primarily Texas) honoring African American heritage by commemorating the announcement of the abolition of slavery in Texas in 1865. Abraham Lincoln actually issued the Emancipation Proclamation on September 22, 1862, with an effective date of January 1, 1863.  Of course the slave owners ignored the law and order given and Texas was resistant to the Emancipation Proclamation. 
June 18 is the day Union General Gordon Granger and 2,000 federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas, to take possession of the state and enforce the emancipation of its slaves. On June 19, 1865, legend has it while standing on the balcony of Galveston’s famous Ashton Villa, Granger read the rights and emanicipation for the slaves.  To me, it's Black Folks 4th of July!
Happy Juneteenth!  Live!  You are FREE (in a sense lol)!

Miss Juneteenth 1997
*Shout out to Uncle Buddy's Used Cars*  ( I was a spokesmodel for them in 1997 and shot a commercial!

Word to the Wise

::Take Heed to those that whisper I love you in one ear and shout I hate you in the other!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Life is Short!

Life is too short, therefore you must:

Live, Learn, Love, Laugh Out Loud, and Lose Track of Time!!!