Thursday, February 19, 2009

~Not So Funny Valentine~


The time for lovers and courting and romancing and flirting! Well....not so much for me! This month started off cool! An off-again-on-again-always-M.I.A-he's-or-she's-just-not-that-into friend of mine, who's birthday I never forget (I never forget anyone's birthday) let me know that he was having a birthday dinner and wanted me to attend. Of course I would attend, the mere notion of him contacting me gave me butterflies, he's great eye-candy, kind of mysterious; considering I don't have proof that he has a significant other, but his elusiveness leaves much to the imagination...leave that as it may, I went!

I arrived fashionably late, calling to make sure it was still on. I was invited to another engagement, so I figured if worse came to worse and he had a date, or his significant other present, I could easily shrug if off, go to the next event and just be sad to myself in the car on the way; instead of attempting to pretend I had somewhere else to go. That's never an easy lie for me!

I digress-

I arrive, and to my surprise it was a small intimate party of him, myself and two of his co-workers (female) :0 They seemed to have no interest in him and he in them; however, it was evident there wasn't any romance in the air for the two of us. I took it and rolled with it and enjoyed the night of food, hurricane's and pictures! One of the other women at the party had been off and on the phone all night, so when a guy approached the table, it was no surprise it was a guest she had invited to join us... The birthday boy, my "friend", we'll just call him B was the only testerone in our party...No problem for him, but not so much for us!

The guy that arrived to the party, no question, was interested in me, and clearly just a friend to his invitee. I didn't want to be rude; but I was not interested. Since it was such a small setting though, you can't ignore or catch eyes with someone sitting across from you without intentionally always looking away, especially if he talks to you. For the purposes of this story, we'll call him "G"

***Disclaimer*** I will say this; when asked specific relationship advice, I've always advised my friends to date openly. It doesn't mean sleep around. Infact, don't sleep with them. Do just as I implied...DATE! Go to a movie, be friendly, have dinner, play a board game. At the very least you have a nice friend to enjoy company with or even better, you can meet one of their great friends and have a complete love match! This is just my philosophy. It doesn't work for everyone, but for me it does, has and will. You also have to take caution and pay attention to the other parties feelings. You never want to intentionally hurt someone or play games with their emotions.***

Now. "G" was a cool cat. He had a pleasant conversation at the table and it wasn't like it was just he and I talking. I never felt obligated on anything. I was just keeping it friendly with the group. Well B, true to form, asks me what other BIG plans did I have for the night, he said he asked because I was the biggest party girl he knew, and this had to just be a beginning for me. (He was right, but talk about putting me on BLAST)

Why did B start that soon as he did "G" took the reins and continued asking me details about where I would go. The entire table "jokingly" said they were going (I say jokingly, because they were just talking big and had no real intentions of going anywhere but home.) However, "G" was serious. He actually got into his car and followed me to the next location. Once at the next party, I got out of the car and asked him what was he doing. I didn't want to come across as upset as I was, because, let's face it I just met the man less than 30 minutes ago, but I was wondering. I didn't have any fear because I thought to myself, well I did set myself up. I told him he was welcome. (You know in the same joking way I was telling everyone else at dinner)

He entered the party with me, and low and behold, I NEVER bring guys out with me, so all my friends were kind of stunned that I showed up with a dude out of no where, and to a friend's birthday party no doubt. We drank more, laughed more, ate more, and just kicked it more. I figured he's not so bad a guy obviously or he wouldn't have been at B's dinner in the first place. However, it still seems alittle weird. By the end of the night, one of my Bestie's was a little too wasted to drive home, literally not good. Another mutual friend agreed to make sure she made it home safely. "G" decided since he didn't no the person taking my bestie home, and I drank too much as well, he needed to follow to atleast his exit (3 exits north of me) and get my number to double check I made it home safely. I agreed. I figured he was being a gentlemen and a good sumaritan. After all, we were a good hour from our neck of the woods.

As we drive I give a check and go to him once we pass his exit. He calls me to hear assurance that I'm okay. I say yes and we speak for a little bit longer. Next thing I know, "G" doesn't get off at his exit. He keeps driving. I never say a word, but in my mind, I'm almost scared. It was well after 2am. He still beside me, until right before my exit, and he comes off the freeway with me. Now I'm worried. Long story short. He follows me home-YES- this is terrifying, considering I just met this man about 2 hours prior. He's supposed to be on his merry way home, but then takes my exit and then parks in my DRIVEWAY!!!!

I rush out of the car, and before he can get out good, I'm barking what the hell are you doing?!

He say, "I know this is weird, but I wanted to make sure you made it safe and if you don't mind, could I use your restroom?" My immediate thoughts were, HELL NO!!! This is the type of thing you see on TV, some movie or the news. Girl goes out for the night, comes home and family finds her dead in her own bed, or driveway or some other freaky-scary-tragic ending.

I tell him, I appreciate the sentiment of following me home, but it's way to late for him to think it's appropriate to enter my house and use the restroom. He obliges (whew) and comes over to kiss me on the cheek thanking me for the night. WEIRD! I agree.

This all happened February 13th. Friday the 13th! Go figure!! So of course the next day is Valentine's Day. This year I have no valentine, and I'm fine with it. My bestie and I decided that dinner and movies would be great. Neither of us had a valentine, we would go and see a scary movie! As I was completing my cupid shopping, a self-made ritual of buying little cutsie gifts or flowers for specific family members, I get a call from none other than "G"! Wow! I think to myself and at first, want to ignore, but then think nicely and go ahead and answer.

"Hey! How's it going?" He askes. "Good, just getting some errands run." I say. "So you still don't have a valentine, huh?" "Nope, my friend and I are going to do dinner and a movie. She's my valentine." "How about we go catch a movie or something. I'd like for you to be my valentine." He says. "Well I just told you what I was doing." I tell him. "Maybe I could meet you two or something. I won't take up your whole night, just meet you at the movies." He chimes.

Ordinarily I would have went off on him, but you have to understand at this point, that one of my major resolutions for the new year was to be a better, more understanding person of another person's feelings. I don't want to say "G" sounded pitiful, but something about the way he sounded forced me to agree and say that would be fine.

Needless to say, being a better person SUCKS! I should have stuck with my old ways and said Hell to the NO! We learn! The night wasn't fun, he almost had us late for the movie, I had to leave out and show him where we were sitting because he arrived late, causing me to miss some of the plot, I got his ticket for him previously because it would have been sold out, had he waited, he didn't buy popcorn or drinks ;) he tried to talk through the movie, he didn't get me a valentine...and his ass tried to kiss me at the end of the night! I drew the line there and refused any nice ommissions on my part. I mean, what kind of valentine doesn't give you at least the convience store bout chocolates and bear, with the generic card and maybe plastic flowers LOL!Sorry, not a cool Valentine buddy! Good thing I have great girlfriends! At dinner earlier, we had a small exchange of meaningless gifts, trinkets and cards!

The next day I ignored his calls. I finally asnwered later in the evening. He asked me out again. I said no. He said he would have to wait until another party or outing, I told him no, and that I wasn't interested in him. He asked if he could call at another time, thinking maybe I had just gotten out of a relationship. I told him no (my last realtionship was over a year ago) and that I just wasn't interested in dating him. He told me that was harsh. I said, I was just being honest. He said maybe he'd call to just be friends. I said don't bother and have a good day.

HE TEXTED me anyway...I just ignored until it ended...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Old Fables~

All in all January 2009 is great! The new year started off at an inpromptu hotel party (kutsum, I guess) and ending at a dear friends house. My friend Tay and I drank, laughed, ate and surrounded ourselves with friends and their family!

Kind of made me wish I would have just stayed at home! Not because the parties weren't fun, but because you come to realize being surrounding by other peoples friends and family just how much you love, cherish and miss your own; especially on such an occasion as New Years Eve!

As I've grown older, I began to understand New Years Eve as the night, that at midnight; who ever you're with is supposedly, the person that you'll spend your year with! Hey don't bite my head off...this is just what I've heard! Seemingly, not true! You'll know why as you continue to read my later post.

The innauguration ball I went to this month was also a great exscape...and a grand old time! I found two great dresses for the price of one!! Talk about shopping going great! We traveled about an hour away to attend a surprisingly nice event. I must admit, at first; the only reason I went was because my dad was speaking ( I would have been anywhere else but there had it not been for that). I just figured it'd be a whole bunch of church folks (stuffy, judgmental "Christians" that believe everyone and everything you do is a sin; the kind that are in church shouting hallejuah on Sunday....but raising cain Monday through Saturday)

However, it turned out to be quite the difference.It was a catered affair, with a great dj, huge dance floor, photographer and many people from all over Houston! I should have brought a date (but let's face it...I had no great date in mind)

My absolute favorite part of this month was that it snowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay so it was December...whatever! LOL