Friday, April 8, 2022

My Very FIRST Assistant Principal’s Week

Wow!!!! What an amazing year of growing and learning I have had…and it’s NOT over yet!! I overheard a burnt out teacher say, “5 Fridays and 7 Mondays left” LOL 

As a first year AP, my current principal has been THE best motivation and mentor I’ve ever had! About seven years ago I had another principal that PUSHED me to get out of the classroom and expound on the talents and learning I had acquired in a ten year span. 

I work along side one of the most efficient and professional assistant principals I’ve encountered and he has helped to guide me daily through this journey! To say the least; my first year has been cultivated with support and for that; I thank God everyday along my drive to work. Thankful I wasn’t thrown into the fire without protection or support!

The journey hasn’t been easy, BUT, I can tell you I’m grateful for the experience…the experiences I WOULD change and those I wouldn’t! 

*Gifts provided by Caytlyn Stanley with Hospitality Health Er, Dr. Burchfield, and Mrs. Towels!

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Kathryn Cunningham said...

I am so super proud of you. One thing I can truly say as your mom, you have always been the perfect child to raise. Smart, obedient,talented motivated to excellence from the crib to the present! God fearing Christian who has lived a full life that most people only dream about! We are so happy for this yet another accomplishment that you have achieved. If you say you will do it, you will definitely do it. With our God covering you all your dreams will always come true! Keeping Him first in all that you do. This 1st year is only the beginning of many more. Congratulations again Madame AP Allen