Saturday, September 24, 2022

Mistress Mishap

Some mistresses tends to make themselves feel better or validate their situation to their friends and family in the thick of involvement with a married man. Especially those that see themselves as “a good woman and I know I’m a good woman”

So…”your” man tells you he’s not married, only caveat being- he can’t spend the night with you or leaves in the middle of the night or early morning to “get back home”
He continually has to “explain” to a woman he’s not with anymore 👀 
You have witnessed his conversations over the phone and they are not that of a single, AVAILABLE, man especially when he speaks to his wife🙄 

You, yourself, have lied when confronted by his wife🙄

He’s told you his wife no longer lives in the “marital home”🤦🏾‍♀️ then why does he explain himself to "her"  
They’re not together but he’s expressed to you “she’s not ready for the kids to meet you” and you are perfectly ok with the explanation
You actually take pleasure at hearing him degrade or disrespect his wife and the relationship he states they have “had” when conversing with you.
You fight with him incessantly about why his “ex” calls all times of the night. 
You fight so badly that you go days not speaking 😏 

Of course you’re not speaking…HE’S WITH HIS WIFE!

It’s understandable that a woman can want a man so bad that she’s willing to believe anything that particular man says. Especially lies. No one will fault a woman that gets manipulated by a man that blatantly lies.  You are subject to fall victim or become prey to his petty, despicable betrayal.

BUT that’s not who this post is about...

This post is for women that KNOWINGLY believe lies because she wants the man and the trumped up future she has formulated in her feeble mind. 

You ma’am, need to reevaluate, and reassess yourself. Take pride in yourself and the good sense God gives us all to see a sign. 
1. Follow that sign
2. Learn from the sign. 

Stop attempting to validate or blame that lying man for what he said to you.  When you heard it, you knew it was a lie. While you witness his behavior you know it's a lie. You just think you are “different” “special” “a woman he’s never felt this way about before” 

The nail in the coffin happens when you, yourself, not only lied to others, you lied to yourself. You knew everything you were lusting after was a white lie!

In other news, there are those mistresses that feel they are in a great position with a married man that “doesn’t want his wife” The current story line reoccurring in the news is that of a certain reality star that had an ongoing affair with his mistress, mind you: never leaving the wife for years. The mistress always thinks the man will leave their wife for them. When in actuality the man lies, deceives, manipulates and sneaks in every imaginable way to avoid losing his wife. That is until, the WIFE actually gets tired of that man and leaves. 
This situation, on the news currently, incurred a baby and although that broke the camel’s back for the WIFE. An outside child in their marriage caused her to leave the man and finally divorce him.  He didn’t end up with the mistress after all! He’s out here single. He finally was able to be present with his mistress and have an outward and open relationship due to his divorce and it still didn’t even work out.
Now all they have is an innocent child while they’re locked and loaded for the rest of each other’s lives due to temporary burning lust with no viable sustainability!

Mistress Mayhem! 

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