Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Barbie Movie!

Now, you know as a family professed Chocolate Barbie Doll, having my own doll babies; we HAD to go see the movie! 

We went the first official weekend it was out. I must preface this and say: it ain’t that deep. The movie previews, my excitement behind the movie, the actual movie, the makings of the movie, the ending of the movie, the actors in the movie, the lines in the movie. None of it, and anything you could think of, it just ain’t that deep. At least for me!

I’m not, nor was I ever, about to get all political about this lil’ movie. Barbie is an American cultural icon and that’s that on that. The movie depicted what it should have: a Barbie doll and her “life” issues. Please tread lightly and miss me with all the social commentary or political nuances because as for me and my house consisting of an eager six year old and a rambunctious two year old…it just ain’t that deep. 

My inner child was giddy to see Barbie and dress in my pink. Which I didn’t have to buy because I keep pink on the ready. My excitement was geared towards my baby’s opportunity to finally see the movie she’d been talking about since it was announced. My anxiety was high because I was taking my ever-busy two year old son with us and he couldn’t care less about being in the movie theater or the other paying patrons as he acted like he was at the playground boxing the seats around him, hopping up and down the stairs, swinging from the rails as if they were Monkey Bars, and speaking at a decibel level he doesn’t even use when we’re at concerts in the park! 

Overall the movie was cute and nostalgic. I’d venture to say it got slightly boring towards the middle when they focused on Ken (shrug) I can only say that because I began to lose focus, but then again; that’s around the time I went in to full-on Mommy Mode pulling out my cell phone for my busy boy to watch Blippi which he kept at a disturbing volume level. At the end I actually did fall asleep BUT my daughter said it was good and she liked it. All in all, if she liked it; I loved it! 

Check it out and take your #Barbie photos!

“Hey Barbie!”

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Kathryn Cunningham said...

Great commentary! As usual my Chocolate Princess Barbie says all the right stuff! 🩷🩷💕